Tebow's bible verse. Eph 2:8-10

Tebow is in the heavily Roman Catholic city of New Orleans and he’s wearing Ephesians 2:8-10 as his bible verse?


Is he trying to restart the Reformation? Tebow’s ego has gone stark raving mad.

Hehe it is a strange verse for a football game. “It is not through your own work” etc. is a strange motivation.

Eh, I just interpret it as a standard boilerplate “God rocks” verse. I think he learned not to try to get all uppity after the Alabama game. :slight_smile:

Yeah, but why not pick something about the Epiphany which would be appropriate this week? Instead, he picks a hot button verse in the Protestant vs Roman Catholic debate?

I honestly doubt that the subtext even occurred to Tebow. And Protestants, in my experience, aren’t very big on Epiphany.

The tears will wash it off. Don’t worry bout it.

The works alone of Cincy will hurt his faith. Or something like that.

Catholics? They aren’t real Christians anyhow.
/Not My Own Point Of View

They better get to workin’, then. It’s going to take a lot of faith to get over a 3+ touchdown deficit.

Agreed. A VERY strange motivation quote. But isn’t it true? An athlete’s skill level has nothing to do with training and working out, it’s only for those who are properly blessed. All the talented kids who received career ending injuries in High School or College tryouts were MEANT to be cart herders at their local WalMart. :rolleyes:

Public display of that crap should be illegal in the NCAA.

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Speaking as a Catholic…

I hate to say this, but most Catholics rarely read the Bible, so most who see that verse will assume it’s something nice and innocuous, and won’t think twice about it.

In any case, I COULD respond to Tebow with the letter of James (“Faith without works is dead”), but really, there’s less of a contradiction here than meets the eye. Even the most hardened Calvinist does NOT say, “Believe in Jesus, then spend the rest of your life sitting on your butt doing nothing.” And even the most doctrinaire Catholic does NOT suggest God has a ledger, and that we can “earn” our way into Heaven by having more good deeds thanbad deeds on our ledger sheets."