Technical air conditioning question

Lately, I’ve been having air conditioning issues. Every 2-3 days, my evaporator coil will freeze up and become one block or ice and/or frost. At that point, no air can get through, and I have to turn the thing off, until it thaws. Can anyone tell me what is causing this? My blower is clearly working, so it can’t be that.

Understand this is a technical question of narrow interest, but I appreciate the assist.

Probably the system is low on gas. Evap temp is a function of pressure. As the pressure falls, the temp falls. If the evaporator temp gets very far below 32F the coil will freeze the water extracted from the air.
Call a service man, have him find and fix the leak, and life will be wonderful again.

Thanks for the info, Rick.

FYI running the fan while it’s frozen over will help it thaw faster. Also, low freon is one possibility, you could also have it set too low on too humid of a day. But I think it has to be set somewhere in the 50’s for that to happen, not real likely.