Technicolor straight dope.

Do the threads you read ocassionally turn neon shades? Wherever the links are on my page they are highlighted occasionally in bright pink or green. Is this a result of my crappy computers at work, or a fluke on the message board?

I lied. They are purple and red… :rolleyes:

I don’t know about that, but on the old piece-of-shit computer I used to have all the text of the messages was always red and underlined, which did NOT make for fun reading. However, every other computer I read the SDMB on have displayed the text a nice, normal black. ::shrug::

It must be the computer, the SDMB appears fine to me. Are you using an older version of IE or Netscape? (or whatever internet browser Macs use?)

Mine does that occasionally at work. It happens when I open up another window for some reason. Goes back to normal if I scroll the page up and down, clears it right up.

I sometimes get “THE STRAIGHT DOPE” logo banner in inappropriate places.

Well mine is normal, something wrong with your puters I think. … Its not me.

Did you guys here that?

That right there. .

you dont?
See I am the only sane one here! :þ

Sometimes that happens to our computer too. Then we shut it down or restart it. It starts back up in “Safe Mode” and brings up a little gray box containing a color spectrum with which to adjust the colors. When that is done, the computer again restarts itself and the colors are fine. You might find this in settings on your computer, but unless you know what you are doing (we don’t; this computer self-corrects) I would leave it alone.