"The Straight Dope" banner in each post

Instead of just seeing the big mustard-on-blue “The Straight Dope” banner at the top of each page, it’s appearing in every post this morning when I open up threads.

Are others experiencing this?


I’m not seeing it in each post either.

Nope. Close that bottle of white-out, RTF. :wink:

On a completely unrelated note: am I the only one who sees the banner as mustard on purple rather than blue?

(I have a slight case of colourblindness, so it’s possible.)

Looks purple to me too

I always see blue. But, after reading that some see purple, I can see it too. I think the banner is a bit between. IMHO. [sub]Yes, yes, I know. Different forum.[/sub]


Looks to me what the Crayola folks would call “Blue Purple.”

Is Cecil a graduate of the University of Michigan?

I can’t find it, but, Uke, I coulda swore we had this conversation once. It was the day the banner changed to the blue and gold. Or blue and maize, I guess, for the pathetic U of M fans.

We’ve only known each other a lousy twenty months and already we’re repeating conversations…

I dunno, Unc…d’ya think the magic is going out of our relationship? Has the Vernor’s lost its fizz? The Burma-Shave its fine aroma of sandalwood? The metaphors their punch? The in-jokes their wit?

No more fizz of ginger,
No more cream of Burma,
At least my mind’s,
On terra firma.

Burma Shave!

Huh. Here at home, my obviously superior Panasonic 17" monitor displays the banner as blue as can be. So it must be either my crappy monitor at work, or there’s something in my Grolsch that’s messing with my eyesight.

My money’s on the monitor.

I just got a pageful of banners, but it didn’t say Straight Dope. It said something like “Buy Strait Dope Stuff” and had a smaller version of the guy with a bag over his head smacking a dame. (Isn’t that like everyone’s worst blind date?)
But when I reloaded, I just got the regular banner.

RT, I still can’t make out what you’re talking about. The Straight Dope banner appears, for me, at the top of everything, Main Forums page, Forum Main Page, at the top of each thread, here in the Reply window, everywhere. Are you saying that you sometimes open a thread and the banner isn’t there? :confused:

What do you mean, “it’s appearing in every post”? You mean little bitty ones all down the thread, next to every post?

I’ve got Win95 and IE5.

Is it maybe a Netscape thing?

It was like a lot of banners on the page, mixed in with the regular stuff. Maybe like it was one of the repeating buttons with each post.

Where the banner was appearing - and this happened to me in several different threads that morning - was in the toolbar at the bottom of every single post (which became a lot bigger in order to accomodate the banner, at full size, beneath the profile, etc. buttons and above the following post). Plus it was appearing in its usual place at the top of each page.

The problem went away after about an hour. (Funny, that was just about the time the drugs wore off. ;))

As far as the color goes, I see the ‘blue’ of the banner being somewhere closer to the blue end of the range between blue and purple, but if someone called it ‘purple’, I’m not arguing. Ditto the mustard-gold-‘what-have-you’ of the lettering. It’s somewhere in there.

All that glitters is not gold; sometimes it’s a color between gold and mustard. (Pardon me, got any cheap yellow mustard?)