Technology Star Fleet should have jumped on with both feet

The medical facilities from Shore Leave if not other technology of the resort planet. McCoy dies from massive lance trauma and is brought back for crying out loud. Red shirts should go on strike for this technology.

Time travel from The City on the Edge of Forever.

Better warp drive from… was it By Any Other Name where the aliens take Enterprise to the edge of the galaxy?

Who the hell is Gary Seven and is he screwing around in our time line?

And from Next Generation…

Find out where those damn little crawdads come from and nuke the damn place.

Borg warp conduits. Voyager should have investigated this, but Admiral to be Janeway was busy looking for coffee. I don’t blame her.

And speaking of Janeway, what is this warp 10 business and turning into lizards? We better figure this thing out lest the gas pedal becomes stuck again.

Worst episode ever!

Certainly the worst Voyager episode.
Worst Trek episode remains Spock’s Brain.

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How about that serum McCoy invented that gives the user telekinetic powers? As seen in the episode Plato’s Stepchildren.

From Voyager’s pilot episode, what about the “displacement wave” that the Caretaker used to bring Voyager out to his corner of the galaxy? Yeah, they were kind of busy at the moment, but wouldn’t you think that a long-range teleportation device would be worth at least a few sensor scans or something?

I swear, there must be a secret board of sociologists who has the power to suppress any technology that they decide is too advanced for people to use properly. Sort of like a Prime Directive for the Federation itself.

Yeah, but Spock’s Brain was self-parody. Threshold was supposed to be a serious episode.

The Cytherian (“Contiguous external integument…”) drive technology from “The Nth Degree”.

Also on the subject of drive technology, why the hell wasn’t a staff of Travelers assigned to each and every Starfleet ship? You’d think they, as a race, could demand a pretty decent wage for their warp tricks.

The Paxan technology that can render everyone and everything on board the Enterprise ('cept Data) unconscious and place them in stasis while they are transported via wormhole to a place over half a parsec away. That would be a powerful defensive weapon.

Similarly, the Satarran weapon that can erase the memories of everyone on board and then plant false data into the computer. Of course, if they could do that, you have to wonder why they just didn’t do it to the Lysians and not involve the Enterprise at all.

You might like Forgotten/Ignored Treknology.

I believe this was actually used in an episode of the Animated Series, where Spock goes back to his childhood on Vulcan. But in general, this technology is pretty poor. First of all, it seems the Guardian can only send you back to a time and place shown on its history review. Second, it would be tough to reverse engineer. Third, they already have two time travel techniquesn - the warp engine mix used in The Naked Time, and the slingshot effect used in Tomorrow is Yesterday, the Gary Seven episode, and ST IV. (Among others). Anyhow, screwing around in the past is not a good idea.

As for Gary Seven, he was not a time traveler, but a human raised by aliens. Anyow, his mission fail - the pilot didn’t get the spinoff bought.

failed! :smack:

I didn’t think it was a typo. I thought you walked away from your computer and a Pakled started typing.

The Traveler’s abilities could be unique to himself but even if it’s species-wide, I don’t believe they’re Federation members so I doubt many, if any, are in Starfleet.

Yesteryear, the only episode of The Animated Adventures that is widely accepted as being canon. It also served as an important plot device in three of the better Trek books that I remember – Peter David’s *Imzadi *and A.C. Crispin’s *Yesterday’s Son *and Time for Yesterday.

You’d think Starfleet would have gone back to that one planet in “Second Chances” and used the transporter reflection thing to make a whole army of Rikers. It’s be great to have a bunch of competent officers (mostly) who are content to serve in secondary positions without any ambition for moving further up the chain. :wink:

Then there’s the transporter “accident” that regressed Picard, Guinan, Ro and Keiko to 12 years old. Those suckers are immortal (well, not Ro, she’s prolly dead by now), provided the transport patterns can be stored that long, if they can get over that silly business of “oh, no, I can’t go back to being 12 again. I’d be all, like, young and stuff…” I bet Picard rethinks that decision in another 20, 30 years or so…

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Damn, I’ve been anticipated. I’d better fire up this warp implosion that lets me go back in time three days…

Being able to use the transporter to remove any disease (as shown in the “Dr.Pulaski Gets Really Old” episode.)

I admit I can’t recall exact details, but someone made a ‘medical replicator’ that could actually be used to make new body parts (a new spinal column for Worf, IIRC.) Sure, it was experimental and dangerous, but if you puts a lot of the best starfleet minds into it they would make it viable real soon.

The way Seven of Nine brought Neelix back from the dead. Granted, it required Borg nano-probes, so I can see why Starfleet as a whole couldn’t adopt this, but there was no reason from that point on to ever have any member of the Voyager crew die unless their body was somehow gone (transporter accident, phaser on maximum setting, etc…)

Actually, Ro “Admiral Cain” Laren ended up going into Starfleet’s “Witness Protection Program”, she got a new identity and starship (Battlestar, actually) to command, just a pity she was done in by a Toaster, looks like Starfeet needs to revamp their WPP…

If Starfleet was able to ditch the Treaty of Algernon, they should’ve used that phasing cloak they designed for the USS Pegasus on all 'Fleet ships

the Vidian Tricorder/phaser/surgical transporter tech was also rather interesting

finally, all new Starfleet vessels need “Multi-Vector-Assault-Mode”

Ummm…is that the phasing cloak that phased the Pegasus into an asteroid, killing off almost the entire crew?

Actually, the initial explosion killed off much of the crew (how the Enterprise-D casually avoided this fate is unclear) and then it drifted, phased, into the asteroid.

For one thing, if that one crew member dies, they’re left out of reach of civilization.