Ted Cruz says Texas should secede and "take the military" if Democrats "destroy the country

Wow this guy really makes some long for ol LBJ eh?

Could swear I was just reading another thread where someone was arguing he was one of the saner Republicans who would’ve done a better job as president re: COVID. So the saner ones are openly advocating treason now. Cool cool.

Don’t let New Mexico hit you in the ass on your way out.

You weren’t hallucinating.

I’d be totally cool with letting Texas secede. It’s a golden chance to be rid of their toxicity and for them to do it on their own accord, no less. Military stays in the Union, though.

The urban areas of Texas are all fairly blue and they are holding the economy of Texas together, the vast majority of Texas’s GDP comes from a handful of urban metro areas. I’m not sure the urban areas are going to happily go along with a white supremacist dictatorship when they are the ones paying all the bills.

north and south texas ?

Wouldn’t it make more sense for conservatives to try to forcibly eject the liberal states (such as the liberal west coast of California + Oregon + Washington) out of the Union? Then with all those electoral votes gone, they’d dominate presidential elections and Congress of the remaining 47-state United States permanently.

Similarly, I can think of no greater liberal dream come true than to kick Texas out of the union, along with maybe some of the southern states.

It’s not like they would need anything shipped into or out of those west coast ports, right?

Tariffs for through-shipped goods.

Would it be possible to negotiate state-by-state?

And exactly how does he think they can “take the military”? They’re the ones with firepower. And they’re more loyal to the country than to a state.

That said, Cruz is a saner Republican. But you have to realize what he’s doing. None of them want to lose the MAGA base. So he’s saying stupid things that the MAGA base would support, while the rest of the Republican party wouldn’t get too upset about. He knows that Texans are okay with their secession rhetoric that they never really mean. That succession rhetoric was going on even when the Republicans were sane and not fascists.

Details don’t matter. Senator Zodiac Killer doesn’t believe Texas could realistically secede any more than Stone Cold Steve Austin believes he’s going to cave in The Rock’s skull when they go one-on-one this Sunday inside Hell in a Cell. He’s just working the marks for a cheap pop.

A look at the proposed Texas constitution reveals how conservatives really view democracy. It locks in conservative control for the next century no matter how large the liberal urban areas grow.

Why are there so many bases in Texas?

Gotta defend the oil.

Here’s the scary part: This idiot is in office because people in Texas think he deserves to be there!

He knows better. He just knows that the key to getting traction with the knuckle-walking GOP base is to be as extremist as humanly possible. He knows that there is more to NASA than the Johnson Space Center and that most of those working there are neither native Texans nor batshit crazy. He knows the military swears an oath to the US Constitution (well, so did DJT and you know how much that meant to him), not to the Senator from Cancun. But it gives him face time on the networks and gives him some street cred with the great unwashed.

He’s way past humanly.

I always subscribed to a similar belief. Whenever I heard a politician say something he or she clearly knew wasn’t legal or politically feasible, I just assumed they were pandering to their base and paid it no mind. But thanks to Trump, I realize now that when a crazy person says crazy things I can’t just dismiss them as pandering to the base. They might actually try to do that crazy thing.

All th…

Nah. Too easy.