Teemings #3 : Wretched Entertainment at the Sign of the Trap

The new issue of Teemings has just been posted!

Teemings : Issue #3

Lotsa good stuff in there. Have fun, and let us know what you think!

Y’know, I should have words with Cal Meacham. I found his article amazingly superb… but he labeled the Millenium Falcon as a “blockade runner”, when it’s CLEARLY a “stock light freighter”!!! SHEESH!!! :smiley:


“Amazingly superb” ?!

I am fantabulously flattered. Thanks


Thanks for putting “Use the Force, Luke” in Teemings #3, but a line from Chief Troy’s reminescence on his shoes snuck into my piece:

"I wonder what ever happened to those orange monster-feet. "

(That’s just to let anyone who reads it know that, indeed, that line doesn’t belong there.)
You guys must’ve gone through a fair amount of hell editing the submissions, and I fully sympoathize with you. I just hope that I wasn’t responsible for a lot of the sleepless nights spent fixing up the shortcomings of submissions. (I can’t help thinking that the errant line above is somehow my fault).

I’d like to give a big hand to Bloomberg and Malone.

Woohoo. I get way too psyched up about reading these things.

Actually, I thought the error added a nice surrealistic kick to the piece.

But, it has been fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.

Thanks, Eutychus.Surrealism is interesting, but I would want o be thought guilty of plagiarizing Chief Troy.

I thought i made this one.
Oh well, maybe next time.

Great luck everyone. Enjoyable reads all around. Great stuff. Enjoy reading it.


I loved what I read, the site seems to crash my computer :(, but it’s great!

You guys are awesome!!

A quick bump for those who haven’t seen yet.

Also, 50 bonus points and a no-prize for the first person who can identify the reference for this month’s title.

Gimme a hard one.

It’s from Bored of the Rings the parody by National Lampoon. Frito Bugger gets loaded and sings dirty songs before he meets Arrowroot the Ranger (who spills his silver bullets all over the floor,) and gets ambushed by the Pigwraiths.


I LOVE “Bored of the Rings” (I read my first copy to pieces, and had to get another), but I think the chapter title there is “Indigestion at the Sign of Goode Eats”.

I don’t know WHERE Euty got this title from.


At least not originally. It may have been used in Bored of the Rings, but the original reference is much earlier.

Jeez. Even I don’t know where it came from. You don’t tell me nuthin’… :wink:

CalMeacham said:

Well, you’d better, since you apparently stole Troy’s feet!

Well, I promise you that it’s nothing obscene or anything with a secret meaning. It’s almost classical, in fact.

No takers?

Geeez, I didn’t think it was that obscure.