Teemings: What should I do with my weekend?

I need some suggestions! I have this whole weekend free, and nothing to do with it. I am already going stir crazy because I have nothing to do tonight. The following is my list of resources (or lack thereof) for the weekend:

[li]A full tank of gasoline in my car.[/li][li]About 8-15 dollars cash. No, I can’t get anymore.[/li][li]My friends are all busy and have plans.[/li][li]One movie, Valentine, showing at the $1.00 theater that interests me. (approx. 90 minutes)[/li][li]The only plans I have are going to church Sat. afternoon and Sun. morning (Sat. 60 minutes / Sun. 90 minutes)[/li]This is what the weather will be like.

Beginning as I write this, (4pm EST) I have 52 hours of free time this weekend to do whatever the heck I want. The problem is, I can only come up with 4 hours worth of things to occupy that time with! Help, don’t let me waste my weekend. Give me some sincere suggestions, please.

Why not try disc golf?

Pick your state in the upper right corner of the linked page
and choose your course. Have fun!

I, personally, am a big fan of road trips.

How about taking that $8-$15 and using it to purchase a GOOD gazateer. Pack a lunch and take all the back roads that near you that look even slightly interesting? Make sure to stop at all the brown signs - is amazing what you can learn from them.

Pardon me, please, but your suggestion eludes me. I appreciate your insight, however, what exactly is the goal/premise of your proposal? As far as I can tell, it sounds as though you suggest I ought to deliberately & aimlessly wander the countryside for two days with no objective whatsoever, other than a "joyride."

If that is what you enjoy, then kudos to you, neighbor. Sorry, but that just doesn’t “fly” with me. I can’t afford to burn my fuel on wild goose chases. I may as well go snipe hunting. I have never enjoyed travel. :stuck_out_tongue: Next please…

P.S. - By the way: dustMagnate, disc golf with no partner seems rather pointless, does it not? Plus, I just down right stink at it, LOL. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it’s 9:30 PM EST and still nothing to do.

Guaranteed to bring at least 24 hrs. of whacky fun…

1)Drive your fully fueled car to your local pharmacy
2)Purchase exactly $3.79 worth of choco-lax
3)Go to your local mom & pop hardware store
4)Spend $8.37 for 10 plastic pooper-scoopers
5)Spend $2.84 for a box of 50 small garbage bags
6)Go to your local park, and drop small bits of the choco-
lax next to each tree
7)Sit on a bench and look disinterested in the goings-on
8)Soon, you will have a lucrative business, selling 1 bag
and 1 scooper to each of 10 hapless dog owners for $1.50

What are the rewards, you ask? Well, you will recover your original $15.00, and if you saved your receipts, you may be able to deduct it as a business expense. Plus, you will have successfully pissed away alot of time, and will have 40 garbage bags for home use.

Well sheesh, MagicalSilverKey!!!

You ask for suggestions, and when someone… ( chique for example ) attempts to give you a suggestion, you DISS her? :frowning:

Excuse me, my man.

Bad form.


I feared this may happen. One of the downfalls of having a brutally honest nature and openness of thought. I wasn’t attempting to “diss” anyone, but if I have, I sincerely apologize. I know they are trying to help. I guess if something doesn’t fit my interest, I should just post no reply to that particular suggestion. As tactful as I may try to be, I know my replies can be off-putting. Sorry folks. :o

You know, sweetie, there is an alternative.

You could just say “Thank you for the suggestion” and let it go at that.

When you ASK for help and people TRY to help you, it would be polite to acknowledge it, even if you think it is not to your taste.


Not pointless if you stink, in fact the perfect time to work on your putting, rolling, driving so as not to embarass oneself when a golf date does seem nigh.

Spring cleaning for you :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion, Scotticher. :smiley: I will remember that and utilize it.