"Teen-aged Dirtbag"?

Am I hearing this song right? Is the singer a lesbian lusting after the title character? Or has my imagination gotten the better of me…again?

Not having herad the song to which you refer, I’m going to have to guess. I think you were possibly listening to The Who’s Baba O’Reily:

But it’s just a guess.

No, no, NO! I know The Who…and this ain’t The Who!

Yes, it’s “Teenage Dirtbag.” I’m pretty sure the singer is a guy, though. The band is Wheatus.

You’re absolutely right…I’d have never guessed the singer was a guy, but according to the band’s website, they’re all guys! 'Course, if you hadn’t told me the band’s name, I’d still be in the dark…

That song is one of my wife’s favorites. She said it reminded her of a time when I told her she probably wouldn’t have liked me at all back in high school…

That my first thought about the song, too. I thought it was pretty for bringing up homosexuality… then I checked out the band’s webpage. It’s still pretty good anyway.

I still recall a song from the early 70s, where the line was ‘racked out like a duce in the middle of the night’ meaning a hot rod engine. Most of us thought it said ‘wrapped up like a douche in the middle of the night!’

No, I can’t recall the song name or band.

Well, it was originally Bruce Springstein who did Blinded by the Light, but the most popular version is Manfred Mann’s.

Did somebody mention Blinded by the Light and garbled lyrics? Cool! A chance to pimp for the Boss. Both Bosses, actually. Cecil Adams on In “Blinded by the Light,” what exactly is the lyric following the title phrase?.

It appears that you still don’t have the line right. I’ve always heard the correct line is:

“And she was blinded by the light. Cut loose like a deuce
Another runner in the night. Blinded by the light”

I got this from http://www.cyberwhiz.com/theboss/lyrics/blinded.htm

Before I found out what the real lyrics were I always heard it like you did initially.

I just caught your post, manhattan when I was previewing. I believe it was in the Straight Dope column where I first heard the correct lyrics and your link just jogged my memory. Thanks!