Songs that should never have been sung by the person who sang them

I’m talking about songs that, when you think about it, sound dumb because of who’s singing it. For example:

In the Ghetto- Yeah, Elvis knew the ghetto inside and out. So did Mac Davis, the guy who wrote it, for that matter.

Ain’t Misbehavin’- I know it’s been sung by a lot of people, but I’m talking about the version by Hank Williams, Jr. It just seems wierd that a guy who based his whole persona on being a trouble maker party guy would sing a song about himself NOT Misbehavin’. for the record, he does sing the song well.

“All along the Watchtower”- Bob Dylan (and many others by his nasalness)

Anything by William Shatner.

Isn’t “House of the Rising Sun” about a whorehouse, and thus makes rather little sense when sung by the Amimals?

‘I surrender’ by Rainbow, the lyrics would suit The Corrs better, certainly not a live fast, die young and give it up for rock song.

It’s All Coming Back to Me Now, by Celine Dion. That song just screams Meatloaf.

Christina Aguilar a couple years back sang this bluesy old song about how hard life is…basically I think she needs to get a decade or two of ADULT life in before she sings stuff like that.

“Only God Knows Why” by Kid Rock.

A very country-esque song by a guy named KID ROCK?

I also think the song is very very very whiny. He sings all these songs glorifying one-night stands and alcohol and hell-raising, then all of a sudden: “I hate my life. It’s miserable. Whine whine whine.”

Along the lines of the Cristina Aguilera thing…
A while back there was this song on the radio by a 13 year old (I forget her name and the title, just the fact that someone so young sang it). It was all about how she was so in love with these two guys and couldn’t choose. Like a 13 year old would be in “love” to begin with, let alone two guys. Ugh.

I’ll go so far as to say the ENTIRE Bob Dylan collection. Great songs, as long as someone else sings them.

Heh, I think that lady who did “99 Red Balloons” did a shitty job, and I do like that song. 99 luft what? lol

Well, Nelly Furtado’s “I’m Like a Bird” should perhaps not be sung by someone who sounds so much like a duck.


Rod Stewart.

For the most part, I agree. But there once was a time when Rod sang the finest versions of Bob Dylan’s songs, not to mention Ewan MacColl’s, Jagger/Richards’s, etc. Every Picture Tells a Story is one of my favorites.

But, I agree anyway. Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? Eeuuuuh.

What, I think that the song is less whiny than the average country song. (“I’m gonna keep on walking with my head held high”). I say it was a nice touch by Kid, showing his range.

Some songs and artists do not mix well together. “Papa Don’t Preach” by Madonna could have been even much better if Cyndi Lauper sang it. If “Motherfucker” by Beck was sung by Metallica–even if I think that Lars should jump into space without a helmet–metal might have never been the same. When sung by Beck, well, no offense intended–he is one of the best around, but here he comes off as a metal wannabe.

7 Seconds did a far better job on it. :smiley:

Rossanne should have never sung the national anthem. Yeesh.

“Blinded By the Light” - Bruce Springsteen

Yeah, he wrote it, but couldn’t sing it worth a crap. Stick with Mannfred Mann’s version.

Oh. God. Yes. You’re absolutely right.

Change the Locks

Just a horrible, horrible cover of a gut-wrenching song originally written and performed by Lucinda Williams.

Heartbreaking to listen to.

Rastahomie: I agree with you so much, every time that song comes on, I’m tricked into thinking it’s “I Would Do Anything for Love” until the singing starts.