Teen Easter Idea(s)?

So our neighborhood has grown up and all the kids have become teens.

It feels a bit like the spirit has gone out of our yearly Easter Party with them losing interest in candy/chocolate. The past few years were supported by having a few new tiny tots that the tweens could rally around, but this year the tot moms can’t make it.

I know the standard responses might be “things change, get over it” or “leave the poor teens alone” but it does seem they might like to enjoy a hunt but the thrill of chocolate has waned.

Anyone among the Teeming come up with ‘teen-centric’ Easter egg hunt ideas that aren’t straight-up cash based?

Scavenger hunt with clues
GPS hunt (You could combine the two - some clues, some coordinates. Team or hunter with the most eggs wins a prize.)
Ticket or token of some sort in the eggs, trade in for a prize at the end
Easter egg decorating contest - most artistic, most creative