Teen Wolf (TV) new cryptid

Yes guilty pleasure, I’m not the only one. But cable issues - had trouble hearing some dialogue. What did they say the new lizard thing is?

Loving the show. Delightfully cheesy, and totally cognizant of that fact.

They said its name too quick, so I didn’t get it. I’m sure in one of the twenty thousand replays on MTV I might run across it again. :smiley:

So it was a kanima. But it’s not anything like the traditional kanima, so it wouldn’t have helped if I had been able to hear the word :slight_smile:

The classroom scene was just an amazing bit of acting and writing.

I guess now the question is who is the kanima’s friend. Someone said they thought it was the history teacher in the car, but I think mine got caught off before I could see.

They said something like they’re usually panther like or something to that effect. Also the drawing in the “bestiality” (;)) looked cat-like.

I’m betting it’s Bianca Lawson’s school therapist character (just a gut feeling, I know of no spoilers). I’m just glad she’s now playing a highschool teacher instead of a highschool student like she was a mere few months ago on Pretty Little Liars. She’s wayyyyyyyyyyy too old for that and looks it (not that she’s decrepit or anything, just def shouldn’t be anywhere near playing a teen).

Can I just say, I’m amazed at how good this show is compared to the movie it’s based on. Apparently it’s very possible to polish a turd.

My wife was watching this show, I watched a few episodes with her. Holy crap the homoeroticism is laid on so thick it is no longer subtext, this is basically gay porn without nudity.

“I…am having strange urges at night, urges I am not sure anyone else has”
“I have the same urges, let me induct you into our culture”
“Ow its too hard it is going to hurt”
“you have to relax and let it enter you”

Mind they are shirtless and sweaty in sexual positions while this is going on :smiley:

This is a good thing :slight_smile:

  1. So, we’re holding our friend in handcuffs, inside a stolen police van, so that he doesn’t become a deadly lizard-man and kill people, AND so that the werewolf hunters don’t kill him, AND the opposing Alpha Werewolf doesn’t kill him.

Perfect time to make out! :smiley:

  1. Why, Yes, we ARE a generations-long family of werewolf hunters, with incredible high-tech gadgets and zappy things. Of COURSE a teenage girl can sneak into our teenage daughter’s room with no problems.

  2. For a small town located in the woods in California, Beacon Hills seems to have a dispropotionate amount of 24-year-old shirtless in-shape gay males that like to (A) go clubbing on a school night, and (B) never look up at the ceiling.

  3. I was really hoping that Stiles and Scott would come clean with Stiles’ father. I think it would make an interesting development in the series.

Wow, they didn’t even try to match the interior of the van with the exterior. It was so glaringly obvious that they weren’t the same that I was quite distracted. Even the doors from earlier when Stiles was bringing Jackson a sandwich didn’t match the doors later when he’d escaped.

I just assumed Lydia was let in by one of the parents and it was only Allison who didn’t know she was there.

Yeah that club scene was kinda ridiculous. I thought grude was a little off base in his descriptions, but now it’s hard to refute!