What type of guy likes Twilight?

In a nod to a comment from this thread:

I would have asked the question, “Why don’t guys like Twilight”?

Instead I shall ask this question: “What type of man likes Twilight”?

I personally find EMO Vampires appalling, having grown up with the original Dracula, Blacula, and Blade.

Menfolk, fess up, now. Do you like Twilight? Why? What are your demographics?

I can imagine the demographic - Dating for less than 1 year.

Grey: I will put you down as a “No”…:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll have to admit I haven’t been keeping up- does anyone over 15 like Twilight?

When I watched the review of this on “At the Movies”, one of the reviewers said something like: This movie made me feel like a pre-teen girl, and that was good.

I was at the airport a couple of months ago and right by me at the gate was a serviceman in full combat gear reading a copy of Twilight. I’ve never seen another man with a copy of the book, so as far as I can tell the answer to the OP’s question is “Our brave young men in uniform.”

I admit I was sorely tempted to say “So, is your girlfriend making you read that?” but I didn’t want to embarrass him if he actually liked it.

What about Rifftrax fans :wink:

as a standalone movie? NO FRELLING WAY would I even contemplate wasting a lone, solitary brain cell on this waste of celluloid, but with the Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy treatment, the film becomes “tolerable”

Twilight is the “Manos” of Rifftrax (actually, I’d say it was the “Red Zone Cuba” of Rifftrax, The Star Wars Holiday Special is the “Manos” of Rifftrax)

The type of guy looking to score with the girl he took to see Twilight.


You don’t want to know any more than that. It’s frightening.

In fairness, Yakety Sax makes everything awesome.

I have a coworker who’s 28, a virgin, and still lives with his parents who went to see Twilight and New Moon with his mother.

He said he really likes the vampire and werewolf.

I think he’s a closet homo, or maybe he just wishes he was more masculine-daring-supernatural?

The only guy I know who admits to liking it is a gay friend of mine.

I thought you were talking about me, but you weren’t…oops…

I’m Harpo!

In my experience, gay men.

The Twimoms.

FTR, I am over 15, I’ve read the first Twilight book (out of curiosity), and I thought it was hysterical. It is SO geared at preteen girls (who have yet to acquire good taste, lord knows I probably would have liked it at age 12) I have a hard to imagining anyone who ISN’T a preteen girl liking it and still being…a mature, functioning adult. The Twimoms do nothing to abuse that notion.

Maybe the movies are more exciting than the books. Haven’t seen them, myself.

If your only goal in life is to see Edward’s sparkly chest with your own eyes, yes. Otherwise, no. God, no.

It’s OK as long as you like it ironically.

For example, if you’re a really tough biker-looking guy done up with chains, scars, tattoos, and a Twilight t-shirt, then you’re pretty much awesome.

Is that grounds for triggering a DADT investigation?

As a gay man I can say that I tried to read it for our 15 year old daughter. I’ve read technical manuals that kept me more interested. In the end, I cheated and watched the movie… With Rifftrax… And I was still bored and annoyed. (Llllllllllllllladies).

I tried to watch New Moon with Rifftrax last night and was out 5 minutes into it.

I have to admit…


Wimpy, sissie stupid ass ‘vampires’.

Any ‘man’ who admits to liking Twilight will have his man card taken away and have that card completely and utterly destroyed.

{I posted a thread on this when I found out my daughters ‘boy’-friend likes Twilight.}