Teenage Girls Part II

Previously, daughter #2 dyed her hair from blonde to jet black. Then decided she didn’t like it. This evening, she took a nice long teenager type bath (read - too damn long) and then went into her room to blowdry her hair.

Lo and behold…here comes daughter #2 crying down the hallway. I jump up to see whats wrong and there it is:

She has one of those round brushes with the bristles all the way around…STUCK IN HER HAIR!!!

My first reaction? Laugh myself into a coma. Thankfully for me, I didn’t.

People…I have never seen anything as twisted as this hair was…it took me more than a half hour, using the end of a comb, to start to unravel it! Almost the whole side of her head was tangled up! I actually thought I was going to have to cut her hair off real short…when she started crying after I said that, I decided that this hair was NOT gonna beat me!

Eventually, I DID get it untangled from the brush. I then turned her over to Mrs X to get the hair unsnarled from itself…
sigh…they just don’t teach these things in the Army…

::cleaning the Sprite off of my monitor::

I laugh, because I did the exact same thing when I was 16. Your daughter was lucky, because someone was there to help–I had to untangle on my own, crying all the time because I was terrified that I was going to have to cut my hair off.

Scared me off those damned round brushes forever.

how, oh how, oh HOW does this happen?! Dosnt that defy some law of the physical universe or something?

Man… wimmens… To the person that can get me to understand you females, I will provide ANY asking price.

I have extremely thick, naturally wavy hair. I have done exactly the same thing and others, ignoring my words of caution as a child, have also done it to my hair. I am terrified of those brushes. For years, I wouldn’t use one if my life depended on it. Now I will use one if I have to (nothing else available) but I do not turn it at all, just brush straight down.

xploder, I seriously feel for your daughter!

Thanks for the replies. After we got her hair unsnarled, she wanted to throw the brush away :smiley: Mrs X told her to just brush straight DOWN instead of trying to do some weird kind of self-styling twirly thing with it. We’ll have to wait and see…

You think THIS is bad? My first girlfriend broke her ankle falling off her shoes!

Note: this was during the 70’s when big ugly platform shoes were in style. That time, I DID laugh.

You are one heck of a good dad.
You earn lots of extra brownie points for that one :slight_smile:

I had the same thing happen to me once (I was 4 though, not a teenager). Wasn’t my fault, dad was in a hurry, and decided to ignore my whining “but that’s not my brush” and put my pig tails in with the first brush he found… he learned. And he didn’t dare cut my hair since then my mother (who wasn’t home) would have found out.
I got lots of ice cream that afternoon (it’s not easy to make a 4 year old sit still long enough to untangle one of those messes)


Not a brush story, but hair related-- and if your girls use hairspray, xploder, beware!

When I was somewhere between 14 and 16, I was a big fan of glittery hairsprays, which at the time were marketed as Halloween items but which I used for dances and just messing with my hair in general.

So one evening I’m in the bathroom, spritzing away, creating a new look… spritz… spritz… spritz right in the eye.

I immediately assumed I was blind, screamed, and staggered out into the kitchen begging for help. My mom, bless her soul, calmed me down, flushed my eye with water (I was fine), and asked several times (with seemingly genuine concern) if I was ok before she started laughing.

On the hair dye front, I went through a new color every month or so for a while in high school. I knew it was time to end the white-blond phase when I came home to find that my mom had discretely left a box of darker dye on the dining room table along with some other stuff she’d picked up for me for a Valentine’s dance.

She told me later that my roots were making me look like I was wearing a skull cap.

Is doing it to someone else. When I was but a young writer, I took a bristled curling iron to my sister’s hair. Her hair hung to her waist. I started at the bottom and rolled the iron into her hair all the way to her scalp, nice and tight. We were playing beauty shop. The event ended in screaming, crying, my mother’s wrath, and me feeling really crappy. I didn’t do it to be MEAN.

My sister also cut her own bangs when she was in Jr. High. They were about a half inch long when she was finished and started screaming. I was forced to the the only person in the family who felt sorry for her and listened to her cry while everyone else laughed until tears rolled down their cheeks.


Well, since this has kind of turned into a “hairjack”…

This happened when I was maybe 8 and my sister was 6 or so.
I had one of those rubber band powered toy airplanes. (you see where this is leading)

One day I wound that sucker up so tight the plane probably would have flown a mile. Triple twists all the way down.
Well, she pissed me off for some reason, and I stuck the propellor in her hair. (long, beautiful hair it was}

The result was astonishing! Reminds me of the Tasmanian Devil cartoons. I thought it was cool as shit. (at the time)

Mom had to cut lil sis’s hair off almost down to the scalp, pieces of hair, ruber band, and balsa wood everywhere! Dad did not think it was cool.

I still get ragged about that almost 40 years later.

A girl I was in high school with dyed her hair a bunch, and decided to get it really, really conditioned by putting an entire jar of Vaseline in it.

I forget how many, many, manymanymany times they had to wash her wig to get it all out.

Glad mine’s red, I never wanted to tamper with dying it.