Teenage mutant ninja clusterfucks!

Why! Why do teenage boys figure they know it all? Why do they think 16 years is long enough to learn more than their 39 year old parent? Parents that have college degrees, been to 34 states and 6 countries, have lived life, suddenly we’re retards and he is the genius. What get’s into their heads? I’ve noticed this happens more with boys than girls. Why. Why do they wake up one day and decide “Hey, I know it all. My parents are fuckin’ stoopid”. Please explain this to me! :confused:

We grew out of that dipshit attitude, they should too.


“Teenage mutant ninja clusterfucks!” You know, this fits with the cartoon’s theme song…


I know more than all of you!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Hey, I agree completely! My sister is 16 years old, a smart girl, in all the honors and AP classes, but you know what? Every other person in the family (all three of us) is not only a high school graduate, but a college graduate as well, and one of us (my dad) has an advanced degree as well. We’re all more travelled than she is, we have all lived longer than she has, and yet she thinks we are all complete idiots and she is the only person in the family who knows anything at all! It truly pisses me off, and I can only hope that she grows out of this “I know so much more than you fools” phase.

Give us 16-18 year olds a break. It’s hard being a genius surrounded by idiot adults. Do you think it’s easy being so misunderstood? You have NO idea what it’s like being a teenager. It’s obvious you went from 11 to parent with no stop along the way. You don’t know what I’m living through. I HATE YOU DAD!!!
Ha ha :wink:

Damn. I thought this thread would be about clusterfucks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Teenagehood and adulthood are separate realities, and those in one reality tend to be kinda dumb about the workings of the other. That’s just life.

Well, when I was 16, my dad certainly thought that I acted like I knew it all. Translated from the original Parent, that means “began to take his all-knowing advice with a grain of salt.”

He may have 35 years up on me in terms of being a human being, but I have 18 years up on him in terms of being this particular human being.

Just something to mull over.

No kidding. I wish I could go back to when I knew it all. The older I get the more I realize I’m… wait… what was it that I realized?..

Where’s my tea?

Damn, it’s cold in here. Hon, can you pass me my sweater?

Kids reach a point where they stop looking to their parents to help them construct their identity. They want to do it themselves, but their a little unsure and look to peers a lot. At any rate, they don’t REALLY think they know more than you, they just have to break away from their faith in your authority and good sense in order to make their own way. I’ve seen kids who had this instinct crushed by overbearing parents, and as time went by they turned into pretty pathetic adults. The best you can do is to try to strike a balance.

Hey…I just turned nineteen, travelled a bit, moved away, and realized that my mom is the (second greatest) font of all wisdom. The kid will grow out of it as soon as they know enough about the world to know they dont know anything about the world.

I like Mark Twain’s comment on the matter. “When I was 14, I thought my Dad was stupid, when I turned 21, I was amazed at how much he’d learned in 7 years.”

Paraphrased, to be sure, but true. When you are a teenager you have intelligence, you don’t have experience. Adults have that experience, and try to warn kids. Kids don’t listen. Never have, never will.

Hell, I’m still in that phase.

Sometimes, your dad dosent actually know.
But give the kid a break. He has a lot to cope with at the moment… give him a while and he’ll sort himself out.