Teenage Neighbours And Their Parties

Yeah, Chris, I’m lookin’ at you, mate. He’s my neighbour’s son, and turned 18 yesterday: big party last night , all his mates over, many beers drunk, stereo blasting loud rap music - this is where it would be heading Pitwards, you’d think.

But no: Chris, pissed as he was, had the courtesy and consideration to go knocking on everyone’s door at 10pm to make sure the music wasn’t too loud, promised to turn it off at midnight, and invited all the neighbours over for a beer - he even made special enquiries after Little Case to make sure the music wasn’t disturbing him.

Damned thoughtful teenage kids of today and their parties: can’t even Pit 'em any more. Wasn’t like that in my day, I can tell you. Happy birthday, bro.

A good fellow. :slight_smile:

Thoughtless bastards, denying you a pit thread. In my day, we felt it was our duty to give the old folks something to bitch about. :smiley:

Blech! How dare that boy go around runing our stereotypes for us old fogeys.

Not fair.

Sounds like a great lad. I hope his birthday was very happy.

Judging from the hangovers this morning, I’d say it was pretty good. Yeah, Chris is a nice guy - no saint, but his heart’s in the right place, and he deserves a “not all teenage boys are obnoxious louts” thread.

I’m an obnoxious teenage lout, but I’m a girl. Does that make you old folk feel any better?

Nope. Dang wummens oughta know their place. Loutishness is men’s work, consarnit. I’m a lout, an’ my pappy was a lout, and his pappy was a lout before him, an’ you ee-man-cee-pay-ted wummens is just takin’ beer outa the mouths of a proud line of louts. Men louts, goldarnit. {expectorates noisily}

A quick tip for partying teens: go house-to-house a few days before the party, and offer to buy them movie tickets for the night of the party, so that they can have two or three hours’ peace. Most people will make an evening of it, buying themselves dinner somewhere else, and maybe even going out for dessert, leaving you as much as five or six hours with nobody to disturb.

If anyone bought me tickets to go out for a particular night, I would suspect they were going to rob the joint whilst I was out. :dubious:

We’re lucky - the house next to us is a flat full of students. Any party we have, w invite them. (And if we forget to, they invite themselves)