Telegram to Tuba: Can I start a thread about


Dear Ms. Tuba [other mods, insert your name here]


I ask your permission to start a thread congratulating on it’s tenth birthday and see what other Dopers have to say in MPSIMS


I’d really like to but wasn’t sure if that infringed on the “no commercial threads” rule


Please and thank you





Just suggesting you send TubaDiva et alia emails as well with your question. In case they’re not around for a while. They always advise to do that.

Thanks! I didn’t e-mail because I’m not in any sort of rush about it, but I might if she’s not around for a few days.

Dear Ms. Tubaxash ?

You really gotta watch out for these board romances.

Yeah, look what happend to Skip and Magic.

Such a creature would be awe-inspiring, I’m sure.


Just hope we don’t someday see tomntuba. Would be heartbreaking, that would.

Nah, worst case is C K Dexter Winkelried.

Worst case? I see your C K Dexter Winkelried and raise you:

Cecil Bodoni

Or SkipTV. Cafe Society folks would be distraught.

I think that TubaMagic would be nice. I haven’t heard what a magical tuba sounds like.

For those who are not into chicken, you can try our newest item: CajunGiraffe. Limited time only. One portion feeds the whole family. And the neighbour’s.

All other speculation aside, chatelaine, no problem with you starting that thread.

“Commercial threads” would be ones where you use posts at the Straight Dope to advertise your business, attempt to sell products and services, that sort of thing. There are occasional situations where people are allowed to mention these activities, but they are applied for in advance of posting.

your humble TubaDiva

Thank you, ma’am!

Phone me up sometime. I’ll play you a fugue a la gigue into the receiver.

Ah, the song stylings of UkuleleDiva.

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ba-na-na-phone
Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ba-na-na-phooooooone

Or, TubeleleDiva