From the thread on things you’re surprised others don’t know…

How many of you have heard of Georg Philip Telemann?

He’s the banana guy right?

Well, now I have.

I have to say I don’t recognize the first and middle name, but unless there’s some other Telemann I’m unaware of, he’s the Baroque composer, who wrote (among many other things…) one of the few actual viola concertos.

Yes, definitely:I’ve sung some of his works.

Time to fire up the turntable. I’ve got a Nonesuch album of Georg Philip Telemann–from *many *years ago…

Never heard of him. Now I’ll check the spoilers.

Edit: or I could ask my aunt the musician… :slight_smile:

Come, Mr Telemann, tell-a me bananas…

Nope, never heard of him. Did he invent Telemark skiing?

Telemann doesn’t have as good a PR agent as Vivaldi, apparently.

Yes, I’ve even played some of his music (violin & viola).

My wife especially is of the opinion, if it’s Baroque, don’t fix it.

Heard of him, heard some of his compositions, might even own some, but couldn’t pick him or his work out of a lineup.

I used to listen to a lot of classical music on public radio, but that was a long time ago.

I wrote a paper in my undergrad entitled, “You can Telemann by his music!” where I basically discussed my reasoning as to why Bach’s legacy has been so much more robust compared to Telemann, who was actually a more prolific composer, and more popular in his day than old J.S.

I’ve been listening to his music from “Don Quixote” and the Darmstadt overtures lately. One of my absolute faves.

Good thread!

This is such a cool group! People who’ve sung his works, and someone who wrote a paper on him! I utterly adore the Don Quixote suite; hauntingly beautiful! I don’t know the Darmstadt overtures; I’ll make haste to get 'em! (I just checked, and Amazon’s got 'em!) Do you know the “Water Music” or “Hamburger Ebb und Fluth?” Delightful!

I guess this really is a worthy companion topic to “Things you were surprised people didn’t know:” it’s something I’m surprised so many people did know!

Yes, I’ve played Telemann on recorder.

My undergraduate advisor was the authority on Telemann and spent a lot of time in the then-East Germany digging through various poorly-maintained archives and finding lost Telemann manuscripts.

A very capable and successful composer and an important influence on Bach’s sons (IIRC he was CPE’s godfather) and others but I find his music a tad boring.

I had the vague idea he was a composer, but that’s it.

Yes, though I don’t know whether I would have if I hadn’t played violin since I was three (I have no idea, for example, of any sports people of relative importance in the sports world).

Also the inventor of telemarketing.

Ahh, that’s why the word skiing popped up in the dusty recesses of my mind. Close, but no cigar.