Telemarkerters, could you maybe take a coupla days off?

The entire nation is waiting by the phone right now. We want to find out if people we know are dead or alive or stranded in random Canadian airports. Instead of screening our calls, we lunge for the phone hoping for news of a missing friend.

No, we do not want to buy aluminum siding from Bottom Feeders, Inc. today. Thanks, Little Cindy Stupidpants, we are happy with our current long distance plan and no, we don’t want to hear about the free Blockbuster rentals we could earn with your free trial. No, Mr. Peter J. Asswhippet III, now would NOT be a good time for us to reevaluate our car insurance coverage, BECAUSE NO ONE IN THIS HOUSEHOLD OWNS A FUCKING AUTOMOBILE.

Is Peter Jennings using words too big for you folks to understand? Did you see the big explosions on the television and mistake them for a cable rerun of some action movie? Are you troglodytes who never leave your cave of windowless phone banks? Could you maybe lay off the phones for a few more days? You can go back to your parasitic shilling of unspeakable crap in a week or so. Thanks ever so much.

My best girlfriend is telemarketing her way through school selling hotel packages and cruises. If it makes you feel any better, they closed up shop yesterday and the two of us went to the blood bank to donate. They’re closed again today too. I don’t know when they’re reopening, but I just wanted to let you know that some of them are giving it a rest.

you have GOT to be kidding me.

holy fuck.

I’m amazed at how much people took ‘life must go on’ to heart. How about a little time to register the grief, AT&T Long Distance?

Yer kidding, right? Right?

We are just starting to be able to get calls through with any reliability, and they are clogging the poor ol’ phone system with telemarketing? That’s obscene!

Good Fuck, Mags,

What the Hell’s wrong with you?! Those poor, dedicated phone-monkeys are trying enrich your life with mo’ better auto coverage. And you, you ingrate, spit on their efforts to spam you with their wonderful, exciting products! They may even be taking the perfectly reasonable stance that a good, in-depth discussion of car-insurance would take your mind off things. After all, what could be better? Right?

And you dis them.


I’m shocked, SHOCKED that you’d be upset about this!

:wink: :smiley:


In related news, all day yesterday MSN replaced its ad popups with popups giving 800 numbers for the Red Cross, survivor hotlines, etc.

But then today it was Business As Usual. Am I the only person in the United States who still doesn’t own an Xcam Mini Camera? How do they know?

I work for a not-for-profit organisation here in Australia. We use telemarketers who phone nice people who have bought a ticket in one of our car raffles, and ask them to help sell some to their friends. It’s pretty low-key, non-aggressive stuff.

Even so, out of respect our marketing people closed that section down last night.

Even here, people are flying flags at half-mast, and there is universal sadness. As I bought all three daily papers this morning, the woman in the shop asked the customer before me “did you hear from your son?” and heard how although he had been in NY earlier that week, he was on the other side of the states on Tuesday.

I’m rambling I know, but I just wanted to tell someone.


I’m not a telemarketer, but the nature of my job requires me to spend about 80% of the week on the phone. The past two days have been tough because I knew people really didn’t want to talk business, but unfortunatly the nature of what I sell, since it requires sheduling, required me to place calls. If I took off for two days, people would be stuck with no product next week, and by then most likely would probably forget why that is.

It was reeeeally tough to pick up that phone. The only thing that made it easier is my customers are all businesses, so I’m sure they were trying to balance work v. shock as well.

I do agree that it is really crass to telemarket people at their homes right now though. Those companies should have shown better judgement. I actually feel bad for the telemarketers themselves who probably had no choice but to call.

I wouldn’t have put it past those scumbags to tell their salespeople: "What a great day to make calls- after all, many people are home!"

I got a call last night from our local paper indicating that they were still delivering the paper in light of the tragedy and were aware that everyone was craving news about the tragedy. At this point I’m thinking that she’s about to tell me that they are going to deliver the paper gratis for a week, so that citizens will not miss out on the news. Stupid me! She then tells me they have a special for the daily delivery running so I can be sure not to miss out. I promptly told her “no thanks” and hung up. The nerve of these people.

Wilbo523, your local rag actually used the WTC/Pentagon tragedy as part of a SALES PITCH?

Please post again and tell us which newspaper this was so the rest of us know whom to never read again.

I got a call from the Illinois State Trooper’s Association last night. I was really tempted to tell him to get off the phone so people who really have a good reason to be calling someone can get through and to get off his ass and head to New York City to help out in the rescue effort. I think I will do that with any more telemarketers I get.