Telephone notepads for the blind

A blind person recently called me and asked me for a telephone number. I found myself starting to ask, “Do you have a pen and paper handy?”, but I realized that this would be pointless and instead used the rather awkward phrasing, “Do you have anything to take a note of it with?” As it happens, he told me he had his voice interface cell phone handy to punch the number into. But it got me thinking, what did blind people use to record things recited to them over the phone (telephone numbers, appointment dates, etc.) before the advent of computers and cell phones? Most non-blind people would have used a pen and paper. Did most blind people have a Braille typewriter next to the phone? Did they record their calls onto tape for playback later?

Maybe something like this.

I have a friend who’s been blind since birth. He will, indeed, write down phone numbers and such, making sure the paper he’s writing on is on a fairly soft surface. This way, he can “read” the number or note later by the imprint left in the paper.