How do blind people write?

I’m very curious to know this. I Googled this question and I found out that they use a special typewriter that types in Braille. That sounds really cool, but can anyone explain this in detail or any other method blind people use to write?

Slate and stylus.

I’ve worked for a couple of blind people.

They used a computer keyboard or standard typewriter for most writing tasks rather than paper and stylus. One of them retained enough vision that she could aim a pen and sign her name on a line when necessary. Or write a note in large letters without things getting too crazy, even if she couldn’t really make out what she had written. The other was totally blind, and when he had to sign his name on something (since this was a medical clinic, signatures were frequently required), someone would put one of his fingers at the beginning of the line and he’d use that as a reference as to where to apply the pen and sign - but unless you lined the chart up just right his signature would shoot off at all sorts of angles. Legible - but obviously placed by a blind man. (Both went blind after learning visual reading/writing).

Both had braillers for making notes for themselves, but also relied heavily on voice recordings.

The guy who was totally blind had this interesting little computer - it was a box with just six keys on it (to correspond with the six dots of braille) and something like a spacebar (which I think was more of an “enter” key). So he’d type braille directly into it. It could then either read it back over a speaker, or print it in braille when hooked up to the proper printer, or download to a standard PC the ASCII for the braille so it could be read as standard text or printed as visual text.