Teletracking, the new HHS COVID reporting system

I’ve previously posted about Teletracking, the COVID-19 data system which replaced the HHS NHSN system:

I’m starting a new thread in the hopes that somebody else notices something and can tell me about it :slight_smile:

I see that there is a “Customer Login” page, indicating the use of Oracle Netsuite:

– but I don’t know if that is the COVID app or just some other thing operated by the Teletracking company.

Also, an old employment ad on LinkedIn:
Java, javascript, and ‘Experience working with several types of database technologies such as SQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, or ElasticSearch’.


The transfer from NHSN to Teletracking seems to be going no better than expected:

But no deaths yet attributed “as a direct result of the change” – which would be the point where it becomes a memorable stuff up rather than just software as normal.