television without pity is closing April 4.

One of the biggest and best places to discuss tv shows will close April 4. :frowning: It’s been a long ride. TWOP was where I migrated to after the Usenet tv groups dried up.

Maybe the Cafe Section at the Straight Dope will become more active? Theres not a lot of on going tv show threads here. There are a few. I know the Straight Dope isn’t a tv site. Cafe is just a small part of it. Nothing can ever replace a dedicated tv site like TWOP.

I’m going to feel a bit lost for awhile. I really enjoy discussing my favorite shows. I learn so much from others opinions about the story plots and the direction the writers may take. Half the fun in watching a modern show is figuring out the possible plot twists.

Thursday’s thread.

Geez, I never saw that thread. It hasn’t been active in several days and it dropped off the top of the page.

Sorry for the screw up.