Tell anyone you want to go Fuck Themselves here.

That’s right gentle readers. Go FUCK yourselves!!!


I’ve been doing just that for the past three years to myself and to be honest it ain’t as satisfying as one would hope…

Is that the same as a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut?

If it’s all right with you, I prefer NOT to go fuck myself.

Has there been a recent development in Board rules?

I have to fuck myself there? What if I’ve been reading semi-aggressively but haven’t had time to act on it yet?

Well, if it don’t bounce back… you go hungry…

What do you want for nothing, rubber biscuit?

‘No, I didn’t. Honest… I ran out of gas. I… I had a flat tire. I didn’t have enough money for cab fare. My tux didn’t come back from the cleaners. An old friend came in from out of town. Someone stole my car. There was an earthquake. A terrible flood. Locusts! IT WASN’T MY FAULT, I SWEAR TO GOD!’

I was SO good at that rolling donut thing back in high school. The other guys on the badminton team would roll a dozen Maple Glazed down the Denny Street Bridge on-ramp, and I could nail 8 to 10 of them, and that was with a six of Schlitz in me.

Um, wasn’t the idea to tell someone else to GFT? Because I have a candidate! My boss. He probably has to GFT anyway because he’s 78 and I’m pretty sure no one will do it for him, including his wife!

Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.

Workplace whistlers…go fuck yourselves!

Nope. But so long as posters keep it just short of “anyone” (i.e. Other posters) I’ll leave the thread alone.

“I once told a guy to go fuck himself. Can you even imagine?” - Kilgrave

Mr Goodbar sez:

"Go fuck yourselves, do it today !!! "

Fuck 'em all!
Fuck 'em all!
The long and the short and the tall!
Fuck all the sergeants and WO-1s . . .

Whistlers anywhere, go fuck yourself.

If I had known I was going to be told to go fuck myself I wouldn’t have opened the thread. Misleading title.