Tell me about LA Fitness

My exercise bike broke (thread here), and I signed up today for two month’s worth. The place looks great, lots of equipment (tho I’m mainly concerned with calorie burning), pool, weights, racquetball courts. Fox News tho in the locker room (MSNBC on the floor)-not too concerned about that tho.

I was very mildly irked by the lack of automatic torque changes on the bike I rode-the guy said that was because of liability issues (tho I would happily sign a waiver…).

So what have been your experiences?

Not all locations are the same - many locations started as one brand or another and were bought by LA Fitness. So ymmv re equipment etc. I’ve been a member for the better part of a decade, and so like it well enough not to change. The ratio of members to equipment seems about right in that there is rarely a wait for a piece of equipment. Habits of individual members are on par with other gyms I’ve belonged too - basic courtesy such as wiping down equipment etc could definitely be better. Equipment is well maintained, locker rooms reasonably clean.

I belong to one, and it’s decent–not the greatest gym, but definitely worth the price I’m paying. There are a few issues with maintenance (I’m not really talking about the equipment, but more like TVs, broken locker doors, missing hangers, and the like.)

I used to be a member, it was a nice gym. I left there because I only used the weights and cardio equipment, rarely the pool and never the gym or raquetball courts. I just couldn’t see paying $30 buck per month when I could get the equipment part for 1/3 the price right down the street.

I switched over 2 years ago and still LA Fitness sends me spam about once a month saying how much they miss me. I musta been the life of their party!

I’ve been a member for 3 years or so. I’ve had memberships is countless gyms over the years, and I find that I like this one a much as any. I don’t use the pool or racquetball courts (or actually, anything but the cardio and weights), but the price is right, they are very convenient, and the equipment is adequate (they could use a few more machines, and some different benches). There is another location that is supposed to be the cat’s meow - like 3x as big as this one, but this one is so close, I can’t see changing.