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I searched the forums back 10 years, but didn’t see a single post or thread on this (at least not with the key words Total Gym, and I wasn’t sure what else to use, I tried Chuck Norris as well :D). I’m thinking about getting one. Does anyone have any experience? Reviews?

I’ve also googled it to a fare thee well, and don’t see much beyond pretty obviously “planted” reviews. There were a few sites with what may have been real reviews, including some bad, consisting mainly of complaints that it was hard to put together and hard to set up and put away.

People complained of it being too complicated and WAY too heavy (at 53 pounds?). To be honest, the reviewers who complained about it being too complicated to assemble didn’t seem to be overly intelligent anyway (reviews with many really bad spelling and grammatical errors, maybe 5 or 10 words total), but maybe I’m biased because I WANT one. :slight_smile:

The bad reviews seemed to be in the minority, but still I’m not sure I trust those sites, any dopers have any “real life” experience to share?

Thanks in advance

I had one of the inexpensive models (maybe ten or fifteen years ago and it might have been the only model at the time), and I thought it was worth the money. You could do a lot of different exercises using it, and with appropriate adjusting of the ramp height you could put an appropriate amount of stress on each set of muscles.

After awhile I quit using it (because that’s what happens with me and pretty much any exercise equipment, and it’s all my fault). These days I spend a lot more on monthly fees at the gym.

Looking at their web site, what I had looked more or less like their current “Total Gym 2000”. I seem to remember it costing a lot less, but then I didn’t purchase it using 2013 dollars.

Sorry this isn’t a more detailed review, but it really was a long time ago. Chuck Norris looked a lot better then, too.

I picked one up at a garage sale (the deluxe model) for $25. I found it easy to use and adjust for different heights. The workout isn’t bad but I don’t think you will get too ripped from it either. Sturdy though, still working after 4 years.


Getting “ripped” probably isn’t an option for me anyway, I’m a 54 year old grandma. I love the idea of having the at home work outs available. My main concern is, am I going to be able to set it up and put it away without losing a finger? That’s what the few bad reviews claimed, that it was just SOOOOO hard to set up (and assemble when it arrived in the box).

I guess it’s mostly assembled, but things like the attachments and slider and such still have to be put together, people were also complaining that it was super complicated and that they couldn’t get help from the total gym help line etc.

The model I’m looking at is the Platinum. I’ve looked on craigslist and garage sales, but haven’t found any in my area. QVC will be having a sale on them in August (with payments I can afford) so I’m trying to find out as much as I can before I make up my mind then.

Thanks you two!

I had one many years ago. I don’t recall it being that difficult to assemble. I just set it up in one place and left it there. I moved it a couple of times but don’t remember it being difficult.

I ended up giving it away because it didn’t do me any good because I wasn’t heavy enough. (I weighed about 100 lbs then.) It uses your body weight for resistance - I could do the exercises all day and not feel a thing. I would even try it while holding dumbells and it still didn’t make a difference. I suppose if you are heavier it would be useful, but if you’re small and light don’t waste your time or money.

This will not be a problem, even at my most fit I’m not small and light. I’m, how do you say? T&A be my curse to live with. :smiley:

Youtube review. Seems unbiased.

A 5’ 3’ 115 lb friend of mine swears by this compact exerciser and she is super toned.

Malibu Pilates

Pricey @ $ 360. but it goes on sale several times a year on HSN at a big discount. Also on eBay for around $150.00

Thanks! That looks like much more the thing, and so much smaller. Like most girls, my concern is with hips, thighs and butt. According to the guy in the video (I’d posted this while at work and didn’t go to any of the video reviews, just boards), it’s “not that good for lower body”. Whereas the Malibu Pilates looks as if it’s exclusively for that.

I felt the same: lots of planted reviews, no opinions. So I researched and tested myself, mostly to find out which one to buy. [edited to remove link to blog]

In the end I bought the GTS. I’ve had it for a couple if months now and I’m very happy with it. Since my apartment isn’t bug enough for a home gym in a separate room, I have to do my workout in my living room. In front of the sofa to be precise, which makes the way back to the chill position very easy :wink:
The total gym is really easy to store away and take out when needed. The exercises you can do (I linked to some good videos in my article) are good and diverse, so it doesn’t get boring.
If you’re just try get or stay fit and not really add muscle mass to your body, then these exercises are perfect for you. If you want to get into body building though, you need different equipment and probably should sign up for a gym membership.

Hope this helps!

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