Tell me about PA: Bloomsburg/Wilkes-Barre/Scranton

So I had a successful desperate lunge for a job and I’ll be headed to that part of PA. Any reports? Warnings? Must-sees? Will I be the only left of center democrat in my town? Where’s the Ikea? And breweries around there?

I know nothing about that part of Pennsylvania, but I just wanted to say: YAY CAPYBARA!!! Congrats on the new job!

Will you be teaching there, or doing something else?

F.P.–I know, I know! It’s insane-- This job materialized from nothingness mid-last week, an acquaintance who graduated from my school a few years before me and who’s been watching my back (and who is good pals with the person who’d resigned) called up their chair and suggested me, it was a good fit, and here we are, visiting assistant on full decent salary. A fucking job offer for fall term on August 13 (classes start on the 25th, hah!).
And the second crazy thing is, last night a school that had rejected me two months ago for adjunct survey-course slave e-mailed to ask if I was still interested, and I got to turn them down! Whee!

Scranton is about an hour from the Yuengling brewery (Pottsville.)

When you get there, please report back on the local pronunciation of Wilkes-Barre. My Pennsylvania German parents say Wilkes-Bahruh but I’ve been hearing Wilkes-Berry as well.


If you have kids, I recommend this:

When I was going to school there, the locals always said Wilkes-Bar. And Throop is pronounced Troop and not actually Throop. I wish I could tell you a ton of stuff about the area, but alas I only went to college there for four years (which means I spent most of the time drinking at off-campus housing). From what I remember Scranton itself is a pretty depressed area. No Ikea to be heard of. There’s a local brewery in the area (think it’s still there) called Lionshead. 24 pack for 10 bucks in my time. Pretty crappy beer, so no craft brews or anything. The area is rather conservative (old coal mining areas), but I’m sure you’ll find a niche. I always had trouble finding stuff to do, but that might just be me. It sure is pretty around there though, the Poconos are right in your backyard. Wish I could have been of more help.

I got to turn down a VAP position over the summer. (They had rejected me first after a phone interview, then their candidate of choice bailed, and apparently I was #2 on their list.) It’s a good feeling :slight_smile:

Most of my family lives in that area, it’s Wilkes-Bahruh for people over 60, for people under 60 it’s Wilkes-Berry for the most part.

I used to date a woman from that area. Based on a sample of one, all the women there are nuts… :slight_smile:

Good luck in your new career!

My Grandmother who grew up in the area and all my cousins who still live there pronounce it Wilkes-Bahruh. Their children pronounce it closer to Wilkes-Berry.

I have been there at least twice including last summer. The surroundings are pretty but it seemed to have this oddly bleak blanket around it. I am sure that it could be a good place to live though.

Even if you don’t have kids, I highly recommend Knoebels as well. We’re currently planning our 10th annual fall trip there…

Scranton? May I suggest you visit Coopers restaurant? The lobster bisque is truly amazing.

Lobsters…? In Scranton?

I know, I know. Unless allergic, just try it. Its like legal crack. No wait… thats not quite right. Imagine a nice museum of the history of Scranton. Imagine it has amazing drinks, fabulous food, and a view that even from the far side of the parking lot is awesome. If you can get past the Road-side America lighthouse, you’ll love the place.