What to do in Scranton or Pottsville, PA

In July, we might go see a Scranton Railriders Game (AAA Yankees franchise) and then do a Brewery tour in Pottsville of Yuengling. Looking for maybe something else to in either town or on the way in between.

It looks like Scranton probably has a lot more attractions.

If you’re interested in trains, Steamtown National Historic Site is in Scranton.

Is there a monument in Scranton?

Do they do a Dunder Mifflin tour? Showing places where scenes were filmed like, say, Poor Richard’s?

That might work. Though I’m taking my wife to a Ball Game and a Brewery Tour. That might be pushing it. :slight_smile:
Have you been there?

I didn’t know what that was at first,

We were just in Scranton this past Sunday for a graduation party. We go once or twice a year to support a local Arts event.

I’ve always found it lovely but a bit depressing. The era of big coal and big money is gone and the downtown struggled to remain vibrant. Covid has not helped.

The Lackawanna Coal Mine tour is absolutely fascinating if you can handle the idea of being a half mile underground. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Otherwise there are some beautiful parks in and around Scranton.

I took the Yuengling Brewery tour in the summer of 1984. It was pretty fascinating! It broke my heart quite a bit to discover that the current owner of the brewery is a huge Trump supporter. I do not think I have sipped from a glass of Yuengling since learning that. But by all means go take the tour.

There are a lot of waterfalls in the area, if you are willing to take some short hikes.

Yuengling and right wing support: when current PA governor Wolf, a Democrat, was first inaugurated, the party refused to include Yuengling beer because of their right wing views. Yuengling had a tantrum, but Wolf argued that there are something like 50 Pennsylvania breweries he can choose from. The party included about a half dozen Pennsylvania beer options, just not Yuengling.

This is a thread about stuff to do in an area, not about politics. Please don’t drag politics into the thread.

Around 2010 or so I was at an Army school in Ohio. At one point we had to travel to go to a range in West Virginia. As we drove through western Pennsylvania one of the guys was thrilled to find out that Scranton was a real place and not some magical mythical location made up for his favorite tv show. We then had to break it to him that Pennsylvania is a big state and Scranton is at the opposite end.

You could bop over to Allentown and see an Iron Pigs game. My grandson has a summer job as a mascot for them.

I wonder if anyone if Scranton has any display over being the birthplace of the president.

Since you’re willing to drive a distance, here are two suggestions:

*15 miles ESE of Pottsville is Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Kempton. Beautiful views, nice hiking, an underground river that you can hear trucking along at spots on the trail (and River of Rocks in particular where you can scramble over SUV sized chunks of granite (maybe it’s marble, IANAGeologist) to get to the other trail that goes up the mountain to circle around back to your starting point. Or sit and watch hawks come and go.

*30 miles NW of Pottsville is Knoebels Amusement Resort in Elysburg. Old timey amusement park nestled in a valley – no E ticket purchase necessary as you pay for the rides you wish to enjoy.

Sadly, Roadside America in Shartlesville closed its doors for good recently. :cry:

Of course, out in Bethlehem they’re doing time.

Located a mere 1 hour and 20 minutes from Pottsville by car is Stoltzfus Meats in Intercourse, renowned for their excellent scrapple.

STOP! Yer killin’ me!

I don’t think you’re taking this question seriously. :slight_smile:

I’ll run this thread by my wife later. I’m not ignoring the suggestions.

More scrapple for us, @Jackmannii!

https://explorepahistory.com/hmarker.php?markerId=1-A-C8 John O’Hara was born in Pottsville, and often wrote about it.

If you staying overnight (flights are either at sunrise or about two hrs before sunset), Tony is a good pilot - Endless Mountain Hot Air Balloons

I love Knoebels! I’m fact, I’ll be there for the next 2 days. It’s my happy place.

If you’re coming toward Knoebels, you might want to check out Bill’s Old Bike Barn in Bloomsburg.


That’s where I had lunch today; of couse, I didn’t eat S crap ple

I was there once, before it was fully open, I think in 1991. I wasn’t really interested but my FIL really wanted to go. I was bored but then, I’m not into trains.