What to do in Scranton or Pottsville, PA

There’s the world’s largest glacial pothole at Archbald Pothole State Park, but I’ve never been there to see how awesome it is in person. I tried to find it once but couldn’t, and perhaps back then the signs were obscure on purpose because it used to be a place with a seedy reputation.

Be very, very careful to not call it, “The happiest place on Earth,” because that blue-suited lawyer dude for the Diz-nee people will show up with lawsuits to serve. :rofl:

Any good German Restaurants in the area of either Scranton or Pottsville?
Or possibly along Rt 78, East of Pottsville?

That takes us through Allentown & Easton among other places.

I second the coal mine tour. It will be nice and cool down there. I did it several years ago and would do it again.

The Pottsville Diner offers Jersey Girl sandwiches, Jack Daniels chicken and Crazy Cheese Curds.

Oh, and their scrapple is said to be delicious.

I passed through Scranton, PA once in my life; we were only stopping over for a few hours as a break in driving up to Toronto from NYC.

We had a great time at the Houdini Museum and Show, which it seems is opened again after a pandemic shutdown!

They levitated my daughter right in front of me and neither she nor I have any real idea how they did it…!

Scranton? Keep an eye out for banana-laden trucks coming down the mountain.

See post #3

NOW we’re talkin’ !!!

Scrapple™ - made with the stuff not good enough for a hot dog. I’m from Philly. I love this stuff- and about once every 2 years I have it. First, I send an email to my Aorta so it can prep. Then I eat it.

Meanwhile, if you’re in Pottsville, getcherself over to Historic Yellow Springs in Chester Springs, PA. A lovely little museum, some art, a library. Very low-pressure. Other lovely things to behold in the Exton area as well.

Do you prefer a thick slice that’s gooey in the middle or a thin slice that’s fried crispy thru-and-thru?

My go to is a runny fried egg on top of a thick slice; coronary be damned!

The Tunkahannock Viaduct over the village of Nicholson is cool (out by Clark’s Summit). America’s answer to the Pont du Gard!

Thinner and crispy.