Tell me about supporting a spouse in college

I’m getting married next year, and with it a rather complex situation. My fiancee is going to be starting grad school a month before we get married. Its a two-year program, with a 24 hour/week internship. We will be moving into a rental home her family owns. The home has an ‘in-laws quarters’ that we plan on renting out, to offset the rent on the house. The other half of the house (that we live in) has 3 bedrooms. If we are really hurting, we’re considering renting out one of the extra bedrooms as well. If all goes according to plan, we’ll be able to live in a house paying rent that is marginally higher than my current rent.

In addition to planning our wedding, we are also trying to plan out finances to make sure we can AFFORD to do all this. My fiancee is going to try to get grants to help pay for school, and we are also saving for tuition on top of wedding expenses.

Our goal is to have me work full-time, while fiancee goes to school. She also wants to try to get a part-time job to help offset expenses on her end (like her car payment). She says she can work a job on her days off :dubious: but my main thing is making sure she is sane and rested and able to focus on school, so I don’t know how manageable grad school AND a part-time job will be for her.

I’m looking forward to it in the long run, since when she gets out of grad school we’ll finally be in a position to both have a decent combined income, and save up for a house of our own. But those two years will be tough! I know a lot of dopers went through grad school/married grad students. How did your arrangement work out? Any pointers?