Tell me about the Cotswolds

I’ll probably be visiting the Cotswolds (Gloucestershire) soon so I was wondering if anyone has been there and can tell me what it’s like.
If there are any places you think I should visit please let me know.

It’s a lovely, lovely area.

For the most part it’s very green, with rolling hills and valleys, small woodlands, little streams. What distinguishes the Cotswolds from other parts of the country is that nearly every single building is made of the same colour stone - I think the planning regulations are very strict - which is a lovely beigey-brown. Some of the ancient architecture is gorgeous, too.

If you get a chance to visit the Rollright Stones (small stone circle on top of a hill), do.

I wish I lived in the Cotswolds… :frowning:

Here’s an example of Cotswold Stone. Scroll down to see the typical Cotswold landscape.


Also recommended is a drive through the Vale of the White Horse. So named because of this - a neolithic (?) chalk carving on the hill above Uffington.

And it hosts the longest-running Olympic games in the modern era.


I had a wonderful time hiking around the Cotswolds about 10 years ago. Lovely country, especially at this time of year.

You might visit the Slaughters, which are very pretty little villages full of those stone houses jjimm mentions:

Lower Slaughter

Upper Slaughter

I recall Moreton-in-Marsh also being rather nice.

The Cotswold tourism page is at if you want to look up other attractions in the area.

Just avoid pubs called The Slaughtered Lamb.

Hey! I bought a lotto ticket once, and spat in that horse’s eye for good luck!

It didn’t work.

You did it wrong then. You’re meant to walk round the eye three times widdershins to win the lottery.

Or does that just make you pregnant?

Anyway, if that doesn’t work I can guarantee that if you tie your horse up overnight at the local Wayland’s Smithy tumulus, it will get magically re-shod. Probably.

OK, if I ever write a story set in England it will have to be set in Upper Slaughter!