Tell me about the iPod Touch

There are lots of hotspots that are invisible. Try the app “WifiTrak” if you’d like to see what else is out there. The iPod Touch doesn’t get location from cell towers (the iPhone does, though, as a backup/supplement to the GPS signal).

My ten year old daughter got one for Christmas. She loves it. For her the games on it and the ability to play video make it way better than the DS or DSi as a game machine - which is her purpose with it.

It is relatively expensive, and easily lost. We bought the insurance on it that will cover it for “I dropped it.” For my daughter, it doesn’t leave the house unless its a “supervised” occasion (like a trip).

Strike the Nano for the charging. I thought it was charging, but it wasn’t until I cut power to the outlet that it gave me a “not supported” message.

I have a huge MP3 collection that I got indexed but not moved to iTunes, worked just fine. By default it doesn’t copy or rearrange your music from the folders you have it stored in. I last tried iTunes 4 or 5 years ago, it’s much better now than it was.

There are lots of free apps, and I did see parental controls. I think a responsible 9 year old would find it very useful. It’s also basically a computer, you can surf the web (as long as you have WiFi internet), type notes, read books, etc.