Tell me about your hair.

What can I say? I need some light reading and hair interests me!

Mine is a bit longer than shoulder length, parted in the middle, and has bangs. It’s dyed black, the natural color being medium brown. Very Egyptian.

So…describe to me your luscious glory.

Mine is shoulder length, very, very fine, straight, and blonde with light blonde highlights. I use a curling iron to give it some volume, but in the hot, humid Chicago climate, it goes flat almost immediately. Solution: Pull it half back with an alligator clip.

Oh…and I have bangs. And I’m considering going shorter.

Light golden brown, naturally curly and currently slicked back into a ponytail to fight this evil humidity. It’s cut to about my chin and layered. Natural color- after the unfortunate blonde experiment, I’m proud of the color I have.

Not quite shoulder-length, parted off-center, with bangs. Some natural wave, but I use Frizz-Ease to make it smooth and mostly straight.
Sometimes when it’s too curly or frizzy, I pull it half-back with a barrette, like Kalhoun.
Color? Medium brown, dyed to cover the gray.

Near shoulder-blade length, light reddish brown, completely straight, all cut the same length, and currently back in a ponytail.

I’ll probably be hacking it all off before winter. In the summer, I can just barely tolerate the drying time for this mop, but in winter, it makes me too cold to have wet hair and it takes hours and hours and hours to dry.

Light-ish brown. (Used to be blond :smiley: ) I tend to get my hair cut very short, then cut it when I can’t stand the length. I’m pretty shaggy right now, my last haircut having been five months ago. I have a photo of me when I was 12 or 13; and, being the mid-'70s, my hair was getting down near my shoulders. I thought I might see if I could stand it that long now. (Probably not.)

I’ve always had problems with my hair. When it gets long, it gets wavy. Why can’t I have straight hair? I have a bit of a “flip” or “wave” in front now, and the hair on the back of my head tends to fly out. When I cut my hair short, I get “helmet head” when I ride the motorcycle. My helmet has ventilation channels in the padding, and I get these two “ridges” (with associated “valleys”) on the top of my head. Oh, well. At least I don’t have to look at it.

I think my long hair looks better on weekends, when I’m not trying to keep it looking “somewhat presentable”. It flies around in the wind and makes me look like a surfer or something.

Medium brown, very thick, and curly. It goes down to about my mid back, and can be annoyingly frizzy.

Awww! You’re so cute! Love the tie.

Straight, dark brown. When I used to let it grow and grow, it would start to get wavy around the 12 inch mark. When I was at summer camp at age 15 and I wore it almost to my shoulders, several girls told me they wished their hair was like mine :eek: !

Nowadays, it’s a buzz cut for me: 2 on the side, 3 on the top. ;j

Past shoulder length, red and curly. Let’s put it this way - when I had my hair like this before I got a lot of “hey - you look like that chick from Titanic!”

It’s permed to obtain the curl. And I always perferred to say “auburn” when I was a kid, cause it sounded so much nicer.

Light brown (and more grey every day), one length, about 28 inches long (waist length), curly heading to frizzy thanks to living in Humidity Hell, actually fine but looks thick. Developing a “hank” of grey at my right temple. Will probably dye soon because I really don’t want to look like a fat Cruella DeVille. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dark brown, with a lot of silver in it – I call them my “natural highlights,” but they really do look great. Slightly longer than shoulder length, parted slightly left of center, no bangs. Very, very thick (like jsgoddess’s hair, it takes forever to dry); zero natural curve or wave, but the very expensive haircut I get every four months ensures that it’s got some shape.

I love my hair.

Dark auburn (that’s what it says on the box), mix between wavy and curly with a tendency to frizz (so I use mouse/gel to keep it from frizzing). It’s slightly past my shoulders, layered all over to take advantage of the curl/wave and I recently had it cut for bangs.

My hair is medium brown, straight, cut to average length for a man. The lady who cuts my hair says mine is very thick and it grows quiclky (which helps keep her in business). She has assured me that I won’t go bald any time soon.

My hair is brown with natural red & blond highlights that I get in the summer from running outside. It’s also naturally very curly. I think it’s one of my best assets, at least until I wake up in the morning looking like Medusa with curls springing out all over my head because my hair’s so curly. :slight_smile:

When I was a kid my hair was very blonde, the rest of my family were redheads so I was also teased about being found on the doorstep. As I got older I started noticing actual red hairs (which are fatter and wavier than blonde) underneath all the blonde. The older I got the more red I got, now I am strawberry blonde and occasionally even referred to as a redhead. It looks even redder in pics. So I guess I wasn’t adopted after all.

I went about 4 years without getting my hair cut and it reached to my butt. I was getting a bit tired of it though, it took forever to dry and I almost never wore it loose because it was always in the way. So I had 12 inches cut off and I donated it about three months ago so now it reaches to just below my shoulder blades.

Long, all the way down to my butt, with very short bangs. It’s curly and very thin, so I can afford to have it that long with little weight. If I cut it short, I get sproingy curls. I was born with a dark red hair, they think maybe cause of malnutrition? (born in India and POOR!) and now it’s dark brown with lots of highlights. The ends are a lighter brown and there are red and gold highlights. Quite strange, but if I do say so myself, it’s beautiful. :wink:

Mine is about 4" below my shoulders, blond with light blond highlights. I had bangs all summer but started growing them out again. My hair is very fine and has just a touch of natural wave. For the most part I am happy with it, but I wish it was a touch thicker. Blond is not my natural color, I am a medium brown with quite a bit of grey. My natural color makes me look older and is quite dull, so I color my hair.

I have the thick highlights and I’m not too sure about them yet - I know all the hip young things are doing it and it seems to be the style, but I think some people take it to extremes. I don’t usually do “trendy” stuff, but I wanted something different for summer.

I’ve got hippy hair. Long, past my butt and thick. When it’s in a single braid, the braid is more than 4 inches around. I dyed it red for years, but stopped that about a year ago when it got too hard (and expensive!) due to the length. The dyed bits have now faded to a golden blonde, and the growth up top is my natural color - that light brown that colorists refer to as dark blonde. I don’t mind the two tone so much - it looks like sun bleaching.

It’s got some wave, but it’s nicely suggestable hair. If I blow dry it (which nearly gives me bursitis!) I can make it stick straight, or if I leave it braided for a while and then take it out, it will have a fantastic wave.

I really love it now, although I hated it during the 80’s and early '90s. Spiral perm, curling irons, hairsray - not what my hair wanted to do. Poodles have better hair. Og bless Jennifer Aniston for making straight hair OK again.

Right now I have straight, shoulder-length hair with red and blonde highlights. I’m two months out from the salon, so it’s looking kinda rough. Monday I’m going to get a graduated bob and color all of it red. I was trying to grow it out for years before I realized that I just don’t look good with long hair. It’s best when it’s shoulder length or shorter.