What's the longest you've ever worn your hair?

Probably a funny question coming from me. I’m a black guy born in the mid-70s who essentially missed the afro fad. I don’t think I’ve ever had my hair more than two inches off my scalp. But perhaps that’s why you other people fascinate me so much. :smiley:

So, what’s the longest your hair’s been? My poll options are limited because my hair-length vocabulary is limited, but please feel free to be descriptive in your posts. Also, please include the era and/or age you were when it was at its longest.

Mine has been to the top of my bottom. I was so glad to get it cut!

Growing up I always wanted it to my mid back, but it never got much past my shoulders. These days I’m taking a cue from my mother’s side of the family and just shaving it all off.

I’ve been getting it cut pretty short, lately … every two or three months whether I need it or not. But through most of my life I wore my hair long. The longest I’ve had is probably a tie from when I was around 12 (1977) and it was just a mop past my shoulders (I have a picture of myself somewhere where I look like a 12 year old Peter Frampton) and just after I got married. I’d cut my hair for the wedding and vowed not to cut it again until the 1st year anniversary. I ended going about 18 months without a haircut and it was past my shoulders, but not to the middle of my back.

But it got to be where it drove me crazy so I lopped it all off and haven’t had it that long since. It’s just such a pain in the ass because, while I love to have my hair long, the getting there looks horrible. Medium length hair … just past short but not yet long … tends to make me look like Herb Tarlick.

When I was little, it was long enough for me to sit on. Then there was the razor-comb incident…

Well, anyway, it never got quite that long again. A few years ago it was down to my elbows, but I was annoyed at the feeling of my hair touching my lower arms. I always thought a bug was landing on me.

I think the perfect length is just an inch or so shorter than that, but whether I will actually allow it to get there again remains to be seen.

Funny, my nickname in high school was Frampton.

Now I look a little more like Corgan.

Sometimes I’ve grown it as long as I could, but that’s only down to mid-back. A couple of years ago I got it cut pretty short and liked it like that, but for the past year we’ve been broke so I haven’t paid for a haircut. Now I really need one, it’s getting longer than I want it to be now. It’s currently past my shoulders.

Back in '94 I had mine to my mid-back. Sadly, baldness precludes that now.

I once wore a pony tail down to mid-back.

It’s been almost down to my waist, but right now it’s about bra-strap length. I wanted to see if I could grow it long enough to sit on it, but my hairdresser and I both agree that when it gets waist length, it looks ratty, so I keep it its current length.

I’ve had hair to just about the bottom of my shoulder blades* for the last 11 or so years (since I was 21/22)…started growing it at 19, grew it as long as it’d go, and have kept it, since.

  • Theoretically. I usually keep it tied in a ponytail which brings it up to about halfway down my shoulder blades. If I’m having a good hair day, and it’s relatively straight. It usually curls to come just below my shoulders.

Same here. My hairline was receding so I shaved it off in early 95 and I’ve kept my head shaved since then, except for a few attempts at letting it grow for a month at a time.

Same here. And at that time my goatee was bellybutton length. ZZ Top jokes made me trim everything (along with upkeep being a pita).

Bunch of dirty hippies on this board. :wink:

When I was around 18 I wore my hair to my shoulders, sometimes in a ponytail. Between that and the goatee, I kind of looked like Comic Book Guy, so I deep-sixed it after a short time.

Male here.

Growing up I had it a little past my shoulders. Cut it in 7th grade and have no intention of growing it back out. I keep my hair around 1 inch now.

I voted for entire back, but my hair is rather wavy and springs up a bit. At rest it appears to be a bit more than halfway down my back, but if I grab it and stretch it almost reaches the crack of my ass.

Guy here, BTW. I haven’t had a haircut in twenty years.

Hmm, I’m the first longer-than-back-length. For over a decade, my hair was 40-42" from root to tip. It was down to my hips. I wore it up in a bun all the time.

I think mine was longer when I was a little girl, but the longest I’ve worn it as an adult was mid-back.

I’d wear it longer now if my hair was thicker, but all I can get away with is shoulder-length.

What’s the longest I’ve ever worn my hair? My whole life!

But I’ve always cut it before it gets to my shoulders - usually long before that. I don’t like it over my ears.