What's the longest you've ever worn your hair?

When I was in high school, it went down to my waist. My mom was digging through a bunch of old photos when I was visiting her last week and she found some photographic evidence of this style.

It looked terrible. And I had been so proud of my long, long hair at the time! What was I thinking?

It’s still longish, but much more manageable now.

My hair grows in really thick and fast. I’ve had it to mid-butt length numerous times. Then I get a severe cut and start growing it out all over again. Having shorter hair is just too much trouble for me. All the styling and visits to the hair-dresser for upkeep and products. I’m just too lazy for all that I guess. My hair is the single biggest conversation starter. When it is at the longest strange people in line at a restaurant or in the library or where ever will ask me about my hair or comment on it. That maybe why I’ve kept it long.
Yep. I’m a lazy attention seeker.
Thanks for helping me figure that out.:o:eek:;):D:p

My eighteen-year-old daughter is the same way. Her hair is past her butt and she wouldn’t think of cutting it…on the other hand, she doesn’t care for it properly and it’s not as flattering as it might be.

I went in the other day and she was combing her hair. I started helping her because it looked like a big job, and as we talked, I discovered that: A. she doesn’t brush it before getting in the shower, and B. she doesn’t use any conditioner. No wonder it’s one giant dreadlock most of the time!

I’ve been growing my hair long since first grade ('95?). It’s been around shoulder-blade length for the last few years.

It was down to my shoulders in high school and college. Not exactly on purpose; I just dislike having my hair cut for some reason. Then I bought a clipper and did it myself, and kept it relatively short ever since.

I’m told I look scary when it is too short, so I don’t buzz it as close as I used to.


Well, I didn’t have this problem. But I have very fine, straight hair, and while I was growing it out, I refused to even have it trimmed. So it was just lank and flat and full of split ends. Not a good look.

I’m a guy and when I was in high school I had it down to a little past my shoulders.

I’ve done everything from shaved completely to below waist length. I love the wind blowing n my hair, but I also love really fast showers and no bad hair days. My hair is now conventional 50ish yr old woman hair, don’t know what they call this, short layers? I looked for a pic on line but they were all way too glamorous to have much in common with what I’ve got on my head right now.

When I was in grade school ‘tails’ were very popular and it was like a contest among the boys to have the longest tail. My tail was probably the longest I had any single hair(percent to body size). Then mullets had their phase My mullet was maybe shoulder length in the back. Though high school I had my hair cut any time it started to interfere with my vision. Since graduating high school I get my hair cut as short as possible without causing it to spike on a monthly basis.

Back in the 60s my hair was about mid-shoulder length. Any longer and it sort of exploded into a giant Brillo pad. Now, I go to the barber about every two months and have it cut as short as possible without actually shaving my head. Then I let it grow out for a couple of months and have it cut way short again.

I had hair down to my waist in high school, in the early 70’s. It was the basic part your hair in the middle and let it hang down style that was the fashion at the time. If you’ve ever seen the movie “Love Story” with Ali McGraw, that was it. I’ve seen pictures of myself from then too, and it doesn’t look as good as I remember it either. Then I had it cut shorter in the style of Valerie Bertinelli in “One Day at a Time”. I haven’t grown it to my waist since.
If anyone is trying to grow their hair now, you have to have the split ends trimmed or it’ll look like crap.

I picked mid-back, but it really has been a bit longer at times…down to the waistband of my pants.

Almost 53 years, so far.

There were times in college where I greatly resembled Jerry Garcia. Now, of course, I look like Uncle Fester.

More seriously, at my longest, I looked not at all unlike Eric Foreman (That 70s Show).

I used to be able to sit on my hair, but I wasn’t allowed to wear it loose…Mom braided it every single morning, which did not increase my coolness factor at school…being a geeky girl in braids is…geeky. Then on my tenth birthday, she took me to the hair salon and had it all cut off to chin length. I do not remember having any voice in the decision, but I was giddy about my new short hair. It was the reaction of my teacher at the time, though, that made me realize just how much that hairstyle had affected my social standing in school…she sounded so relieved and very nearly burst into tears when she saw me the next day. I still have my braids, in a bag in my dresser.

I had it touching my shoulders. One of Mama Plant’s students saw my picture on her desk and said, “Your daughter is pretty.”
A patron at the library called me “Ma’m” and I’ve kept it just touching the collar ever since. :slight_smile:

And I’m gawddam ugly.

Woman. Born mid-60’s. Longest my hair has been - long enough to sit on. While braided. That’s longer than ass-length.

When? Presently. Also at times in the past. Generally at this length I get it cut to mid-back length and just let it grow out again, takes 2-3 years.

I’ve had my hair mid-back length, and I’ve given up on it - my hair is neither straight, curly, or wavy - it just gets frizzy, and I don’t like that look.

I’m 62 and haven’t cut my hair for 6 years. It’s about half way down my back.