Really LONG hair on women: a turn-on or a burden?

How about it? Crystal Gayle may or may not have cut her hair–hey, it’s her trademark!
I’d just like to know how well the notion of really long hair–waist length or longer–sits with women who may grow it that long, or men who consider very long hair to be sexy. (And yes, I’ve heard about how very long hair, as well as a large bust, can bring on backaches. :()
How do you other Dopers appraise this idea?

I like it, but I like a lot of short styles, too. My question is whether my long hair is a handicap. :slight_smile:

It seems like it would be difficult to grow hair that long and keep it looking shiny & healthy. Most of the grown women I see with hair waist length or longer kind of have that frizzy, split-ended look. I’ve got bra length hair myself and it’s a real pain in the ass to keep neat. Most days I just pull it back in a pony tail to keep it off my face, but if I have to go somewhere & look really nice, it can take me well over an hour to blow dry and style. I keep it because long hair really does look best on me & my husband definately thinks it’s sexy. I would never consider Crystal Gayle long hair, it just looks ridiculous to me. Plus super-long hair tends to look aging on women out of their teen years.

BTW, I am a stay-at-home mom and I think that if I did get a job outside of the house, I would cut my hair. There is no way that I would wake up an hour earlier to make my hair presentable!

Not a woman, but I have hair down to my waist. I wash it every morning and let it dry wile I drive to work. Where’s the burden?

Sometimes it gets in my mouth during sex, but sometimes my wife runs her fingers through it and it leads to sex. I’ll put up with the downside. :slight_smile:

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I’m trying to get my hair long. Maybe not waist-length, maybe to the small of my back. Right now it is bra-length (like tatertot) and I don’t see how it’s a hassle at all.


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Mine is down to my hips (~ 3" short of me sitting on it.)

I like it because I don’t have to style it. I pin it up during the day, of course, sometimes wet, sometimes dry. But it looks good with really minimal fussing - I spend a little extra on good shampoo, reconstructors, & conditioners, and if I blow dry at all, it’s limited to a minute or less.

One of the things I’m having trouble deciding about what to do when I get out of the Army is whether to keep it really long & pinned up, or mid-shoulder length & loose.

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I also forgot to mention that I have very thick hair that takes forever to dry. I rarely blow-dry it because it is not good for your hair, and it still takes at least a half-hour. I love my hair, but I really would need to cut it if I got a job that required me looking professional every day. There is no way my hair would dry on the way to work!

I’ve got long red curly hair bout halfway down my back. Since it’s curly, sometimes it’s a bit to keep up with. Sometimes I just want to hack it off, but my honey & friends act like that’d be a sacrilege. I keep it in a long braid at work, and let fly at other times. One thing I think is strange is that with this type of hair, people peg you as kind of insane. Not that I’m not, but it does act as a signal. Where did that start???

TennHipp & Spiritus: PLEASE keep the long locks! I think long haired guys got it goin’ on…

There was a gal at my gym who had hair down to the small of her back which was great because it kind of served as an arrow that pointed to her phenomenal ass.

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My red hair is about 2 inches shy of waist-length, and I’ve never had any problems with headaches due to the length.
I keep it neat by getting regular trims, and most of the time it stays up in a French twist, bun, or ponytail. I also make a point to use only the shampoo and conditoner my cosmetologist (also my sister) recommends.
I joked about getting it cut after my son’s birth, and my husband almost cried. All the men I’ve ever dated have enjoyed playing with it, especially as (for me) I LOVE to have it brushed, which often led to sex. :wink:
Prairie Rose

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My hair is about 4 inches past my waist, and it’s really not all that hard to take care of. I use a conditioner everyday, and never blow dry (it gets sucked into the blowdryer, for one thing). I’ve had it this way for most of my life (getting through basic training required some creativity), but when my second child was three months old, I had it cut off in a short chin length bob. My husband almost cried, and I’ve never done it again.

Mine used to be about to the middle of my back, but I had it cut to about shoulder length because it was always getting in my way at work, and there hasn’t been a clip or rubber band made that will hold it.

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Speaking as a dude with rather lengthy locks…

Long hair while in the act is a real pain. Getting in mouth, other persons face, tangled around limbs…

But since the long hair is what usually GOT me laid to begin with, I’ll deal with the consequences!

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I have hair about 2" short of my nipples, and it already takes at LEAST 30 minutes to brush it (the texture of my hair, plus the fact that I have extremely thick hair makes it incredibly tangle prone. There have been times when I’ve been sick and stayed in bed for a couple of days, which have to be followed by a 2 or 3 hour brushing marathon (generally my husband does 3/4 of that) during which I often have to get slightly drunk just to dull the pain.) I doubt I could deal with hair to my waist. I think the small of the back is about the longest that hair can still look good, anyway (just my opinion) anything longer than that, no matter how healthy, just looks kinda lame to me.

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I really envy Prairie Rose and elelle! It’s taken me so much work to get long red hair, but I’d have a hard time giving it up! It’s to the small of my back now. When I started growing it, I was a bit afraid that it would make me look midget-like (I’m almost 5’0") but now I think it looks pretty good. In my opinion, it’s worth all the detangling and conditioning (ok, I dye it, too). I don’t blow dry, either…usually I was my hair before bed, towel dry as much as possible, and it dries by morning.

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um…I wash my hair, is what I meant. Sorry, that was slightly off topic, too.

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My wife wears her hair long (at one point it went below the curve of her buttocks). I never really cared for it, but never said anything because, hey, it’s her hair. But it got in the way. I was constantly sitting on it or getting tangled in it or having her tell me, in a desperately pained voice, “You’re on my hair!” Really destroys the mood, knowhutimean?

Plus, it was always catching on things. Dresser handles, doorknobs, what have you. Dustbunnies the size of Colorado would form around stray pieces of hair. And I was constantly pulling what looked like small strands of hair out of a shirt or sweater I was wearing, only to have it continue for about three feet. “Ladies and gentlemen, for my next magical trick…”

Her hair is also very thick and heavy, so it doesn’t style at all. It doesn’t even hold combs, so accessories are limited to headbands or loops to hold it back. A shame, because I think some sort of styling for a woman’s hair can be very sexy and attractive.

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I personally love short hair on me, but my husband LOVES (and I mean LOVES) long, long hair. Mine was short when we met, and now 7 years later it is down to the small of my back. I get it trimmed frequently which keeps it from being frizzy. It has hit the point now where It’s kind of a pain, but I won’t cut it shorter then it is now. It’s one of the only things he requests of me, and I think it’s the LEAST I can do for all he does for me. It’s a huge turn-on for him- he washes it, brushes it, etc.

Since my hair is completely straight, it’s not too bad to take care of. Before work I can blow dry it most of the way, put it in clips or whatever I’m doing, and it dries the rest of the way at work. I get a lot of compliments on it, and I do enjoy being able to just put it in a ponytail on lazy days. No such thing as bedhead with long straight hair!


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Another redhead checking in. My hair sits right at shoulder length. I have had it longer, but because it’s so think and wavy, longer tends to be bushier than is attractive. I don’t care for the sheepdog look! I am thankful that my hair has enough natural wave that I can wash and go - altho it will remain wet underneath for hours! Short hair was fun for a while, but this length gives me more options.