Really LONG hair on women: a turn-on or a burden?

My hair is to the bottom of the bottom of my bra,if you get what I mean. I like it long,it makes me feel feminine.A good creme rinse helps tangles.But I always put it up in one of those clamp thingies,so maybe I Should cut it!

For years and years, I had LONG hair. When I was a senior in high school, my hair went to my waist, and I loved it. But, looking back, I don’t think it looked all that great. I just thought it was cool to have really long hair, and I was almost psychotic about cutting it. I mean, I wouldn’t even get it TRIMMED. So I always had a bunch of split ends, and the bottom few inches looked like a rat’s nest. I started getting several inches at a time chopped off starting when I was a freshman in college, and now, four years later, my hair goes just past my shoulders. I really like it. It’s much easier to maintain, and it doesn’t look all nasty. (Of course, I DIDN’T really maintain it when it was long, which was part of the problem.)

So, basically, I think long hair is nice if you have the energy/willingness to really spend a lot of time on it. I never learned how to style it properly (I have extremely fine hair, which isn’t easy to style anyway), so short’s best for me. Also, sitting on one’s own hair is very irritating.


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Really long hair on women? Definitely a turn-on. It’s very uncommon here (The Greater Toronto Area) though; in the past five years or so, I’ve only seen two women with hair below the waist.

Although, since I have moderately-long hair myself (small of the back), I know something of the burdens it places on one, and I definitely don’t consider it mandatory. After all, really short hair can be fantastically attractive as well!

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I have had long hair almost all my life. I cut some of it off a few months ago, it had horrible straggly ends and I just couldn’t take it anymore. Now it is down to the middle of my back. It usually is to the small of my back, and I’m growing down to that length again. (In high school, I could sit on my hair.)

I don’t do anything to my hair, other than use good shampoo and conditioner, and I rarely blow dry. It takes about 1/2 an hour to 45 minutes to dry out completely. Then I wear it in a ponytail or single braid. On social occasions, I just wear it down.

I find that most men like long hair. Whenever I trim my hair, I have one male friend who gets very distressed. Last time when I cut off several inches, he told me to call him up next time I had the urge to cut it. (I think he would be some sort of “hair hotline” - he’d be there to talk me out of cutting my hair!) He also says that whenever a woman cuts her hair, usually a female friend urged her to do it. He doesn’t believe that a man would urge a woman to cut her hair. He’s probably mostly right.

elelle - I’ve got long red curly hair bout halfway down my back.

Prairie Rose - My red hair is about 2 inches shy of waist-length.

Gunhilde - It’s taken me so much work to get long red hair.

You ladies are going to have to stop talking about your red hair; you’re gonna drive poor old UncleBeer right over the edge. He’s got a pathological attraction to red hair. See? You’ve already caused me to post in the third party. I think it’s because I’m having an out of body experience.

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My hair has never been longer than bra length, but my sister used to have hair down past her waist and she loved it, but about three years ago she cut it to shoulder length because she was of the opinion that she was too old to be having hair that long. My daughter, who is five, has hair down almost to her waist. My husband absolutely, positively does not want her to get her hair cut (except for bangs in the front). Of course, he’s not the one who has to spend an hour in the morning trying to brush her hair out before school.

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Another long-haired redhead checking in! (Sorry, UncleBeer). When I was a kid, I wore it very long. My mother wouldn’t let me get it cut at all; finally, I rebelled and had a friend trim an inch off the ends (mom went ballistic).

For about 5 years, I was wearing it very short. Then, about a year ago, I decided that I wanted it long again. It’s just down to my shoulders now, and is at a very awkward length - too short to put back, and too long to leave down. Plus, I’m growing out layers in the front, so it needs a lot of styling to look good. I figure that when the layers in front are grown out, it’ll be easier to take care of, since I won’t need to blow-dry it so carefully. It’s very thick and wavy. I figure on growing it to the bottom of my bra, which should take another year or two.

BTW, my husband really likes it, too. :wink:

Add me to the list of long-haired redheads! :wink:

Most of my life I’ve worn my hair short, but in the last three years I’ve let it grow, just getting it trimmed to keep it neat and free from split ends. It’s very thick and soft. It’s starting to be something of a nuisance, thought, mainly because I don’t know how to style it at all, or even how to do something like French braid it. I’ve been thinking of getting it cut, but my hubby really likes it long, and even the kids like to brush it, too. So, I may call the beautician and see if I can schedule a couple of hours of her time and have her teach me how to do stuff with it.


Yet another redhead here, just beyond shoulder length and growing. I’d like to get it back to just-below-bra length. My hair is thick, slightly wavy, and hard to manage, though, so I either clip it up or look like crap. (Today, it’s lookin’ like crap.)

Awww, fercryin’outloud. Stop it already! I can’t take it anymore. I’m warnin’ ya, I won’t be responsible.

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A brunette here. (How’s that UncleBeer) My hair is long as well… it is even with my bra. It’s semi-thick, medium brown color, and I have long layers and bangs. I wear my hair down all the time. Sometimes at night I’ll put it in a ponytail but not very often. I have always had long hair and I love it. Every guy I’ve dated has always loved my long hair. Most of the guys I’ve been with have always wanted me to leave my hair down during sex too. I guess they like it to fall over them or something.

As for washing… I wash and condition each morning because if I don’t my hair looks dirty and doesn’t lay right. I let it air dry for about 30 minutes while I’m getting my kids ready in the morning and then I blow it dry. It only takes about 3-5 minutes to blow dry if I let it air dry first and it doesn’t dry it out as much.

There’s only a couple of things I don’t like about having long hair. One is that a lot of hair falls out in the shower and clogs up the drain over time! Another thing is that when I vacuum I pick up a lot of hair in the vacuum and am constantly cleaning the roller because all that hair gets wrapped aroung it.

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It’s mostly style with me, but I’ll be most attracted to hair between shoulder-length and small-of-the-back length. Wavy, too. I like wavy, full-bodied hair. (All those who just misinterpreted ‘full-bodied’ get to go the the back of the room. See if you can scroll from there.)

Any color works. Red, brown, or especially a really dark black. Mmm… long, wavy, black hair…


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I’ll just make UncleBeer cry then.

I had VERY long red hair – I was sitting on it. Talk about a pain. Add to that pain one baby with very active toes that liked to knot up my hair with her feet while nursing.

So, I went and had my hair cut off. I lost over 16" of hair – and it was at the top of my bra strap.

Two, maybe three months ago, I went and cut the rest of my hair off. Well, most of it anyway. Whoosh, there went another 10 inches into a short pageboy.

Now it’s really short red hair.

Never again. I can’t wait for it to grow back out.

Take a deep breath, UncleBeer, another long-haired redhead checking in :wink:

I’ve worn my hair everywhere from super short (Sharon Stone-like) to fairly long (which it is right now - middle of my back, about 2-3 inches above my waist). I consider myself extremely blessed to have the best of all worlds when it comes to my hair.

It’s really thick - I have a LOT of hair. It’s also naturally curly/wavy. However, many people who have thick, wavy hair, also have very coarse hair and therefore, wearing it curly is pretty much their only option. My hair is baby fine (which also makes it really soft), and as a result, I don’t even have to use a brush when I blow it dry to get it to go poker straight. (Hairdressers are always amazed.)

So I can either wear it like this, or this (Pics of Sarah Jessica Parker, not me :slight_smile: ), which is how I usually wear it. Except that it’s now about this long. Then when I’m in the mood, I can also wear it like this.

Now, since most of the replies in this topic have been from women or men who have long hair, I’d still really like to know if there are more men out there who find it not only attractive, but not a burden, on women you’re dating or married to. There were quite a few men who chimed in on the short short hair post, but it doesn’t seem there are as many fans of long long hair :frowning: (except for UncleBeer, who I’m wondering if he’s still alive or has had heart failure from all the redheads in this topic).

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Well, I just chopped off my long (just below shoulder) scraggly rat’s nest hair on Saturday.

I now have a “confidence cut” which mean my face is totally exposed at all times. I loved hiding behind my hair, but I really like the little maintenance and freedom a short cut gives.

I feel I look better with short hair. And whenever I see people with super long hair I start thinking of what their drains and hairbrushes must look like. Ugh.

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Back in the Eighties, I had Crystal Gayle hair—down to my knees. It constantly got caught and knotted in things (elevator doors, men’s suit buttons, Bugatti spokes). Now it’s about shoulder-blade-length, but I never wear it down. I look too sheep-doggy. So I tie it up into a Tippy Hedren French twist, or a loose Gibson Girl chignon.

Then, what a long-awaited treat for a man when I finally “let my hair down” for him!

Sorry, UncleBeer, it’s not red—chocolate brown with a hint of red in the sunlight, will that do?


I’m still kickin’ barely. It’s a good thing I picked up that defibrillator at a garage sale over the weekend, though. I’d a been a goner.


Absolutely! Especially with those lorngettes.

To Kyla and others: Thanks for your comments. :slight_smile: I remember pictures on TV, of tennis pro Tracy Austin, which delighted me because she had hair, worn in left- and right-side ponytails, that was just long enough to hang over her shoulders.
I have to wonder, though, what kind of ordeal Crystal Gayle goes through to wash and dry her stupendous tresses–though Lord knows she can afford it!

Hi, UncleBeer - thought you might want to hear from another redhead. It’s shorter now and redder now, but when it was younger, my hair was dark blond, down to my waist, ponytail thick around as my wrist. We’re talking Rapunzel material here. I liked it long, I could never master the art of setting and blowdrying (arms seemed too short). Basically got it cut because it seemed unprofessional to wear it long at work. A ponytail or bun (which was too heavy to stay up on my head) were the only options, and I was not blessed with delicate swanlike beauty. So it had to go, and everyone including me has been pleased. My hair has gone on to enjoy a new-found natural wave and has experienced many color changes, currently red with blond highlights. Oddly, no man has ever expressed any opinion on its length one way or another, though a few mild positive comments have been directed my way from the husband since it was cut!