tell me everything that happened on Angel tonight.

'cause I missed it yet again. Silly Andy.

Everyone was run over by a truck.


ANGEL: I could get out of the way of this truck, but I’d feel so tortured about it, so I’d better just stand here.
CORDELIA: I don’t need to move – my new demon powers will protect me from the truck. Or Angel. Or Groo. Or maybe Doyle will come back from the dead to save me. Whichever.
GUNN: I can’t get out of the way, or the others might find out the truth about my dark past – that I’m afraid of getting run over by a truck.
FRED: I love Gunn soooo much… Is that a truck? Gee, maybe I should-- Oh, Gunn is sooooo cute…
WESLEY: Oh, they’d all just love to see me dive out of the path of this truck, wouldn’t they? Well, I won’t give them the satisfaction.
GROO: I wish I could save the Princess from the truck, but she’d probably just thank Angel anyway.
CONNOR/STEVEN: My REAL father told me about trucks. He said that Angelus wouldn’t try to kill me in such an obvious way. But maybe Angel isn’t so bad. No, my father said he was. But maybe he isn’t…
LILAH: Ha ha! Angel will finally be dead! But the senior partners would be very unhappy to see Angel come to harm! But I hate him! But I love him!

LORNE: Um, guys? Big truck coming. Okay, you’re all lost in your inner monologue, so I’ll just stand over here on the sidewalk.

andygirl, you should try, they have episode descriptions for a lot of prime time shows with literally every detail. Sometimes it’s too much, do you really need seven pages to describe an episode of The Osborne Family Show?

That was a thing of comedic brilliance. All hail the truck.

I do actually read TWoP even when I do catch the show. Nothing beats the snark.

Caught the last half hour, actually, after I remembered the hour delay here. I remain amused- this doesn’t feel like a season ending.

Connor is winning my heart.

Yeah. Connor is the Anti-Dawn.

And hey, howabout Groo? I’m really starting to like that guy. Hope he comes back from his “walk.”

Um… season finale is next week. And Groo came back, to Cordy calling him Angel.

I’m torn; do I want Connor to stick around, and allow Whedon to explore the dynamics of a father/son relationship (with vampires), or do I want something awful to happen to him, so that Angel can go on to a darker, broodier existence (with vampires)?


Ok, the preview for next week shows little Conner exacting some revenge for the death of Holtz which he was lead to believe was done by Angel. That was Holtz’s master plan after all of that? Seemed a bit too “plot twist for plot twist’s sake” sort of episode.

If Holtz wanted the kid to kill Angel, why all of the unnecessary scheming. The kid was ready to hate Angel already- why all the scheming? Oh yeah, season finale coming up.

Still- looks like Angel is not going to have a happy Father’s day anytime soon.

Also the Lyla - Weslie thing is amusing. The super-powered Cordy thing is getting out of control though. Also looks like Cordy is going to screw up her Groo thing to go after Angel. Its a shame Groo was starting to grow on me.

Not a bad episode overall, but a little to overly plot-twisty. Too clever by a third, as the saying goes.



Some more spoilers:

Fred creates, with Lorn’s help, some device to detect energy coming from the reality tear to discover what came through it with Connor. Cnnor turns up in the Hyperion lobby (at Holtz’s request), and as he and Angel stand in uncomfortable silence Cordy gets a vision. In the vision a woman is attacked by vampires in a nightclub. Angel makes haste, and takes Connor with him. Wesley, sitting down to a depressing microwave Hungry-Man type dinner (accompanied by a bottle of wine), receives an anonymous e-mail telling him to meet at an address at 8:30. It’s the same nightclub! Lilah meets him there, swirling a martini and in James-Bond villain style recites her little plan in detail to Wesley just before it happens. It’s another test of his loyalty, an attempt to woo him to the dark side that is Wolfram and Hart. Lilah’s set up a situation in which she’s informed Justine a group a vampires are going to be hanging out there. Justine’s there to slay and dust, but is unaware that Lilah’s crossed her, and has told the vampires Justine’s there to kill them. Before Wesley can really make a decision, Angel and Connor show up, kick some vamp ass with some nice coordinated moves, and let Justine go. Angel and Connor engage in some father/son bonding in the alley behind the club, giggling as they feint and kick. Holtz ominously watches from a fire escape, I think.
Cordy and Groo’s relationship appears to be heading downhill, as Groo broods outside by the fountain. He asks Lorn a question about interpersonal relationship changes when crossing dimensions, couching it in terms of Angel and Connor but we all know–as Lorn catches on–it’s really just about him and Cordy. Groo goes for a walk.
Connor and Holtz have a father/son talk that I can’t remember all that well; it has to do with Holtz resenting but accepting Connor’s growing relationship with Angel
Fred and Gunn follow their funky device to Holtz and Connor’s motel, where they see Connor leap off the balcony and then spot Holtz as he closes the door.
Connor comes back to the hotel, and engages in some name-calling with Lorn. Cordy intervenes, and Connor pulls a knife on her (the scene from the trailer). Cordy puts her hands on his face, she begins to glow, and performs what Lorn later calls a kind of colonic on Connor, flushing all the bad hell-dimension stuff out of him. Afterwards Connor sags into Cordy’s arms, weeping. He appears to be a changed man.
Justine shows up at the motel, and basically genuflects at Holtz’s feet, saying that she’d follow him into hell, etc. Keep her in mind for later.
Informed that Holtz is back, Angel plans to confront him at the motel. He foists Connor off on Fred and Gunn, who take him to the beach to show him the ocean. As Connor walks toward the ocea, Fred and Gunn discuss Angel’s potential plan to kill Holtz for stealing baby Connor. Connor slowly turns; he’s heard every word and takes off running for the motel.
Angel and Holtz at the motel: Holtz realizes that he’s exacted his revenge on Angel, while fulfilling a dream he never had: Holtz has been able to raise and love a son, while at the same time robbing Angel of the boy’s childhood. Holtz decides that Connor should be with Angel, because Angel can take care of him and, oh yeah, every time Angel looks at Connor he’ll be reminded of what he lost. Holtz gives Angel a letter for Connor.
Shots of Connor running through the streets toward the motel.
Shots of Angel sitting in his car reading the letter, which explains to Connor why Holtz has to leave him. It’s a sweet, sentimental epistle that makes Angel smile, albeit wryly and sadly.
Cut to the motel, where Justine and Holtz are leaning against a wall. Holtz commands Justine to kill him, she wavers, and finally sticks what looks to be an ice pick in his neck. And yes, you guessed it, she makes fake vampire teethmarks there, preusmably framing Angel for the murder.
Connor shows up, to find Justine cradling Holtz’s head. He looks at the marks on Holtz’s neck, and mutters, “Angelus.”
Sorry if there’s anything amiss there; not a lot to do at work this morning.