Tell me how cute my kid is!

I finally got FrontPage installed on my computer and updated her website.

(Don’t bitch at me for using FrontPage please, it’s easy.)

I just trashed the old version and started over…it’s not great or inventive and I still have some work to do, but I thought I’d introduce ToddlerNym to you all.

My beloved ToddlerNym

She may have daddy’s cheeks, but she has mommy’s eyes! You’d better watch out in twelve years or so, she’ll be a heart-breaker and you’ll have boys camping out on your front porch.
She’s really beautiful, Sue.

very, very, very cute…

The “daddy’s cheeks” picture is too adorable for words.

Awwww, simply adorable.
A great smile and the look on her face when she’s looking at her birthday cake is priceless. :slight_smile:

Yup, mommy’s eyes indeed! Cute kid, Sue. Surely to grow as pretty as her mother. :wink:

Cute kid!

(But talk about a bad hair day!)

What a cutie! She is a little darling!

Very much so…
[Simetra’s Great-Grandmother]
She’s so cute… If she were a candy, I’d pop her in my mouth and that’d be the end of her.
[/Simetra’s Great-Grandmother]


She’s a cute kid, Sue! Be sure you save all of those pictures and stories. They make for great blackmail tools when the kid becomes a teenager!


She’s pretty damn cute IRL as well! And she’s already got the boys after her. Doob and she played a rousing game of catch, and she even warmed up to me after a bit. Any kid that likes me is cool in my book. :slight_smile:

Mommy’s eyes? I’d say she has Mommy’s nose.

LOL, yeah. Pretty much every day is a bad hair day for her.

Mine was just like it when I was her age (though mine was white-blond), ringlets in some places, random curls in others. Plus she’s got her Daddy’s cowlicks.

It’s a nightmare, but she was mostly bald a year ago so I consider this an improvement. Believe it or not.

Before or after the nose job? :wink:

Thanks everyone else for playing along!

PS Hey Rasa, how goes the new job?

How cute is your kid? Not as cute as her mother. :wink:

(But yeah, she’s cute!)

Adorable kid, and I’m impressed that one of such tender years has the Straight Dope on her links page already ;)!

Oh, my God! She is so adorable! She definitely has your eyes! Wow, she is just gorgeous!

(You realize that Mr. Jeannie will want to kill you for showing off. Now I’ll be really pressing him to get one of our own :))

what a cutie. good work y’all.

I’ve met her too. And I gotta say, she’s pretty damn cute. Especially the SammiCatch!™