Tell me what you'd do with this watch

You buy a watch from a strange man in a foreign land.
It has an extra button on it that you discover. When pressed it takes you exactly 13 minutes into the past. The button can only be pressed every 15 minutes.
Tell me what you’d do with your new found watch…

I’d go around smacking people all day.

I’d use it when me and Mr. Athena are arguing or having heated discussions, so I could go back and methodically figure out just what I can and can’t say to him.

Yes, I’m an engineer. Sue me.

  1. Watch the lottery drawings on portable TV outside a lottery retailer.
  2. Record winning numbers.
  3. Enter retailer’s store.
  4. Fill out lottery number slip.
  5. Push button.
  6. Purchase lottery tickets.
  7. Contact real estate and travel agents.

Great plan. If only they didn’t close the terminals at least an hour before the drawing. :smack:

Let’s say you discover that a prior owner was Christopher Walken, who smuggled the watch out of Vietnam in the most interesting fashion. Now what do you do?

I’d thank Christopher.

I’d use it mainly for stress releif. I’d pants my boss. Dope slap stupid people. Look at the watch during an orgasm. Add thirteen. Repeat.

I think I’d go to the track…
Yep, that’s what I’d do.

It would be really handy for those open-mouth-before-engaging-brain moments. Not that I do such things much… that I’ll admit…

I’d win the Rock Scissors Paper Championship of the World.

Horse Track or Casino, whatever is closest.

Then just being a terrible nuisance to people who won’t know it 13 mins from now.

Considerring there are no real consequences, forget pantsing or slapping, I’m thinkin a crossbow or maybe throwing stars… really have fun with it.


I would change my order to a dry manhattan.

Uh-oh. The watch broke. I just get fired. You, OTOH, are going to be rooming with somebody in an orange jumpsuit! :smiley:

Dammit, Oxy, I came in here just so I could say something about how, the way your dad looked at it, this watch was your birthright… :wink:

Such a watch would be great, it would be like a savegame. couple it with a heart sensor or such and you’ll never need to fear an accident again.
“Is it the blue or the red wire, who cares, I’ll get another shot at it in 15 minutes”

If you’re dead, how are you going to push the button?

Well then. I guess before I push the button, I’ll set the watch back an hour.

I’d keep pushing the button until I got back to the morning of 10/30/96. I would tell my dad about his grandkids, let him know we turned out alright, thank him, tell him I loved him, and properly say goodbye. I suppose I’d have to explain the swolen thumb first, though.

I re-read the OP, and I would disable the “once every 15 minutes” feature. I regret not being able to say goodbye.