Tell me Your Anxiety Inducer for today

Had an Operations meeting at work today. Yay, get to work an hour early to hear the same stuff I’ve heard at every single Operations meeting for the past 10 years. oh … joy

Nope, not today. Today, the president who is one of the 3 siblings that own and run the business came to the meeting and broke the news that they had sold the company.

Sigh, just another thing to worry about, could do without it right now though.

So lets wallow in our self pity together, maybe form a committee. What was your Great Anxiety Inducer for today?

I got a jolt of vicarious anxiety just reading your OP.

(ETA: This, despite the fact that I’ve been retired for many years.)

More ETA: Actually, I did work for some years for a company much like the one you describe: Small family-owned software firm run by three siblings, with about 10 employees. They were vaguely sleazy and unethical, I thought. In my case however, I got out while the getting out was still good. They sold the company several years later to new owners who I though were a bit more sleazy.

The wife of one of my supervisees tested positive for COVID. He’s getting tested now. I got the email from him while in a management meeting about how instead of just encouraging people to come in at least 3 days a week, we’re going to come up with an official policy on coming in more often and actually enforce it. This after 6 of our attorneys have quit in the last 3 months, all without another job lined up. That’s almost a third of our office. And management just keeps making the decisions that drive more and more people away. I’m wearing 3 full-time hats at the moment because we’re so short-staffed. I can’t believe I’m saying this, because I’m so invested in this work, but…I think I’m done. The thought of jumping ship fills me with anxiety (and a cocktail of other bad feels), but so does the thought of staying.

A phobia is an irrational fear. I don’t know what you should call a completely rational fear, however. Anyway, I’m pretty afraid of wind. When I was 17 a windstorm drove a tree through the roof of my family’s house. Another windstorm a few years later broke a tree and crushed a small shed. And in December my poor car’s back end got crunched for the 2nd time (the first time someone hydroplaned while approaching a stoplight I was already waiting at) by a tree that keeled over during a sleety, windy storm. A few weeks after that another tree fell across my driveway… So, to me it feels pretty rational to be very anxious when there’s a windstorm. I also kind of hate trees.

So, I was worried all last night during the nor’easter on the east coast you might’ve heard about. Fortunately, this time there was no damage, yay! But I didn’t fall asleep until between 5 and 6 a.m. Guess I’m grateful to be on vacation, but…

It’s human nature that we stick we things that make us unhappy because the unknown seems much scarier - relationships, jobs, homes. But in my experience, when you’re unhappy, making a change is the one thing that’s within your control, and has always made me much happier.

I’m a GIS programmer. The IS/GIS department is allowed maintenance windows where people are notified two days ahead of time that the system will be down. It’s sort of a big deal. People are supposed to get out of certain applications at X time (of course most of them forget but I can disconnect them).

We do this ‘after hours’, but people work weird hours now that they can work from home.

Last nights update went well, but it always stresses me out.

My baby had RSV last week. We are out of the woods, but his cough and rattley breathing (which the doctor said is normal for RSV and would linger for weeks) is still triggering my anxiety. I find myself spending time making sure he’s breathing when he’s asleep and becoming a bit of a wreck when driving and I can’t see his face.

At work, the corporate capital engineering lady was here and she spent a lot of time remarking on how most sites don’t have project engineers. Our site has 4 total project engineers. I’m feeling really anxious about that!

ETA: I’m a project engineer. Just in case that wasn’t obvious.

The Wall Street Journal opinion page published in its entirety a ranting letter penned by Trump.

Fucking Murdoch brown nosers, ass kissing trumped up pig fuckers in charge of the opinion page?

When I woke up this morning one of my birds was hunched on the bottom of the cage, fluffed up with eyes closed. This is a Very Bad Sign. Birds are a prey species and very adept at hiding illness until they are really super sick. He also didn’t make his usual headlong dive for the food bowl, either, which is another Bad Sign in an animal that is normally constantly hungry. Also breathing hard.

I made up the hospital cage pretty quick, made sure he was warm, felt hidden, wouldn’t be harassed by the other two birds, and put food and water right next to him so he wouldn’t have to exert himself because at 3 am there are limits to what you can do. The closet avian vet moved to Colorado this summer and it was bit early to start calling around. The local animal ER’s are dog and cat, they don’t deal with “exotics”.

By the time I left for work he had eaten a little bit and had some water. But I had to go to work. I didn’t know if he’d be here when I got back home.

Well, he was. He’s feeling better and back to perching, although still low energy. I don’t know if he got chilled overnight, dehydrated, he has a respiratory thing, or what. He’s doing better, but still a lot quieter than usual.

I’m thinking of scrambled eggs for their dinner tonight. It’s one of Sydney’s favorite foods and sick little birds need to eat, even if he’s trying to convince me he feels all better now. Really! Not a sick little bird! (Don’t eat me!) Sydney feels fine!


A few months ago, a friend died. His widow entrusted me with selling some of his stuff online. I’ve sold a little bit of it. Mostly, I’ve hesitated for fear I won’t do a good job and due to lack of energy. Tonight, the widow and her daughter called. The daughter wants the stuff back so she can sell it herself. Some of you may recall 2 vintage Buck Rogers ray guns I started a thread about. I would’ve gotten half of the profits from selling those and other collectibles. Hesitation, anxiety and lack of energy mean I screwed myself out of several hundred dollars.

I was just told that several changes are happening to the schedule for software changes and upgrade. Okay, but they are happening in the middle of the scheduled training days and the upgrades, refreshes, and downloads are going to require that we not be in the software that we are training on the days we were told it would be okay to train folks. Grrrr.

Repeat after me: I love my job, I love my job, I love my job.

A class bully shoved a girl into a bookshelf and she hit her head. She ended up being ok, and when I called her mom I got word she was fine. As an educator I’m not supposed to say this, but I hope he tries it with the wrong girl. We have some in our school who will slap him baldheaded.

I’m anxious about the national shortage of quarters. How will I do my laundry?

Is your fear irrational or illogical? I would say it seems rational to me, if illogical. Either way, I think you have a well earned worry.

Giving good thoughts for Sydney’s health.

Also here with good thoughts for Sydney.

My own anxiety inducer today was waiting for the nurse to stop by and give me a hormone shot. It’s a time-leased “pill” injected into the abdominal fat. I was worried that I was so lean she wouldn’t be able to find any fat….actually, it’s a big needle, not long but damn wide to accommodate the tablet. It’s a teeny little pill, but I believe it is a 16 gauge needle, a size often used for IVs. So she really has to punch it in. Not a big deal all in all but this time, it made me anxious.

Trump. Whether he runs again or wins again etc. it kicked over a log and we saw what was underneath.

Welcome to “Lord of the Flies.”

I was asked to redesign a brochure. Sure, no problem- turned out to mostly be a straightforward and fairly quick job.

Only, there’s one bit of information they haven’t quite decided on yet. And until I get that information (which I’ve asked for more than once), the brochure is only 98% done and can’t be complete. I don’t like having a bunch of incomplete projects.

Have to file an amended 941X with the IRS.

Because of all of the much needed rain earlier this week, my work place was inaccessible on Monday so my schedule is all off and I have to work today.

And I have been wide awake since midnight. I will probably get sleepy just when I need to leave.