Tell me you're a man without telling me you're a man

I have lots of pockets and every single one of them is full of stuff.

No handkerchief or tissue, though.

My clothes usually have pockets and dress clothes are in darker colors.

Way to reinforce gender stereotypes. Again, not all men have beards or facial hair. Not all those with facial hair are men.

While out with friends, if I go to the restroom, I go solo.

I don’t wear “outfits”.

I limp when I have a cold.

I saw the juxtaposition of thread titles just now:

Tell me you’re a man without telling me you’re a man

My first DIY project: caulk in my shower

…and chuckled.

I’m cis, and I’ve got testicles. Everything else is stereotypes.

Ok, I’ve got one. TERFs get butthurt when I invoke the anti-TERF exception to mansplaining.

My favorite time to go for a long walk is by myself at night. Really clears one’s head.

I like that one too.

At my last temp job I got paid more than my female co-workers.

Jason Isbell, is that you?

I don’t need no goddamn directions.

I’ve got Bitching Betty, the GPS Queen to direct me when driving.

Heterosexual women enjoy sleeping with me.

I dont mind eating alone in a restaurant.

I can take a dump in a public restroom.

I like The Three Stooges.

Is this an acronym?

Penis Exists, Nuts Is Same

I was answering the OP.

That’s a terrible name to call your wife!
(I have a friend whose wife backseat-drives something fierce and who parrots the voice instructions the car’s GPS gave a moment before. But much more shrilly. “BBtGQ” would be a perfect nickname for her.)

As to me?

  1. I’m in charge. Even if I just walked in.

  2. Strangers ask me for directions. In places I’ve never been to before.

I don’t “reach out”.

I only need to click barbecue tongs 3 times. Not 2 and not 4.

I really need to organize my nut and bolt collection.