Template problem in MS Word (ie, bullet list won't reset)

Tried the almighty google, but I couldn’t find anything or may be using the wrong search terms…

My bulleted list in MS Word is all screwed up. I was tinkering with normal.dot, trying to change the default look of bulleted lists and somehow manage to wreck it. When doing a bulleted list, I normally terminate the list and go back to the default formating by hitting [ENTER] twice.

Now when I do that, the bullet disappears, but the style is still reads as ‘Bullet’, and text is still set to the indent posiiton of the bullet list. I have to manually clear the formatting everytime I want to end the list.

I tried taking a look at the bullet style, but messing with it only make it worse. Any suggestions, MS Word Dopers?

And eh, before someone brings it up, I don’t intend to switch to OpenOffice…yet. :smiley:

If all else fails, rename normal.dot. Word will create a new default one the next time you open it.