Temporary Mythbuster Jessi

I like her. I like her a lot.

She’s skilled, she’s poised, she’s entertaining. And yeah, I even think that she’s kinda hot.

Yeah, she can install a nitro booster on my engine any time.

I think she’s attractive, but I also feel like she’s trying too hard. I’m seriously hoping Kari comes back from maternity leave.

Who was that helper girl that they booted with extreme prejudice a coupla years back? IIRC, she was instrumental in the busted (or was it plausible?) Balloon Girl episode? Man, she seemed like a really nice girl.

Everybody is abuzz about the Balloon Boy, but the Busters had their Balloon Girl long before that incident. Perhaps Balloon Daddy was inspired by that episode?

As a matter of fact, due to that episode, I knew immediately upon seeing the live footage of the supposed Balloon Boy on the major networks that there was no possibility of an actual boy being on that mylar concoct. I called bull from the start.

If the networks had a brain they would have too.

I also get the impression that she’s trying too hard. The other Mythbusters seem pretty natural and genuinely enthusiastic when they’re presenting things, but she seems like she’s introducing a high school play and her parents are in the audience.

She did grow on me with tonight’s episode, when I realized she actually knew what she was doing and not just there for looks. I wouldn’t mind if they kept her on in addition to Kari.

Anybody else curious why they’re moving Mythbusters to Monday? Haven’t they been on Wednesday for the entire run of the series?

She claimed to have left for personal reasons. She actually came back to help on a myth, so I doubt it was that bad.

And after the Balloon Boy incident went bust, they actually reaired the Balloon Girl episode and advertised it for that reason.

And yes, I agree that Jessi is trying to hard. She was just like that when she was on “Extreme 4x4” on Spike.

I like her okay but I’m another vote for “trying too hard”.

Some mud wrestling myths you’d like them to investigate?

Not what I had in mind, but now that you mention it, I bet I could think of something that I could propagate across the collective unconscious…

drums fingers evilly

Do you mean Scottie? I didn’t think she left on bad terms. She came back to build a ramp for one of the super sized myths. She wasn’t just on the balloon girl myth, but appeared regularly during the golden age of MB.

Scottie left for personal reasons. Which might be something like her SO got a job in Kentucky, or her Mother died and she moved back to Texas, or something. There wasn’t any suggestion of bad blood, in any case.

Adam and Tori are the only ones who seem at all natural when setting up the myths, and Tori still often comes across as trying too hard.

That’s part of the geek charm of MB. It is cheesey, but GOOD cheesey.

I like her a lot, in fact, more than Kari.

Jessi used to be on Xtreme 4x4 on Spike, but I’m not sure why she left – could be any number of reasons.

I also like her more than Kari. At the risk of sounding blasphemous, I even think she’s cuter than Kari.

I just spent a few quality minutes at Jessi’s site and she’s got a bad girl look going on, but Kari is definitely cuter.

This IS blasphemy. I say keep them both and let them do a solo show in bikinis.

There was another mythbuster Jesse a couple seasons ago. They called her a myth-tern Jesse. Adam used her several times making stuff in the shop.

I’m pretty sure that was a different Jesse from this one.

That was indeed a different Jesse. She was a mythtern, whereas Jessi is a full-fledged fill-in member of the build team.

I wouldn’t say that she has “bad girl” good looks, BTW, but that’s just my opinion.

Here’s a link