“Terrible Maps”

Yes and no. Maps do not usually focus on the oceans and seeing the coast of these countries linearly looks unfamiliar. The map is not complete since inland waters are not represented. From the coastline alone it is hard to get a sense of relative size. But from the perspective of the ocean, all may be well. It’s a strange but striking approach.

I remember once seeing a map where Sweden was labeled “Good Porn” and Japan was labeled “Very Bad Porn”.

Sounds like a very useful map

But that is not supposed to be a map of American Native American tribes before contact with Europeans, that is his idea of what American tribes would be like in 2015 if Europeans had never colonized. It is a “what if” , thus not “wrong”.

China, too. I think we should all just accept that the Vietnamese are badasses.

Also Cambodia and Laos lost to Vietnam

The title of the map is “North America Prior To Illegal Immigration,” which pretty strongly implies some reference to pre-1492 North America, so one can be forgiven for being rather confused as to what the map is meant to show.

Yes, but if you look closely it is dated 2015, so the idea is that no euro immigrations.