Where Are You? (Online World Map of Dopers)

I’ve been thinking about this idea for a while. I wanted to compile a map of where us Dopers are. I started a map here. Maybe if enough people want to be on it, we can get Shayna to add it to the SDPP.

So, if you’re interested, post your city, [state] and country here. If you’re not in a major city, give me the general location in relation to the closest major city. I’ll try to update it as quick as I can, and be as accurate as I can. I won’t be able to update during the weekday, but I’ll add everyone who has posted when I get home on weekdays.

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Brisbane, Qld, Australia (that’s the big island in the other hemisphere)

Columbia, Maryland, USA

Amsterdam, The Netherlands. That’s that little spot to the right of the UK that is too small to fit the name in. :smiley:

Right near Boston, MA here.


Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA. It should be on a map if you need to check.

Kansas City, MO USA

Cool idea Demo!

Las Vegas Nevada checking in.

Just north of St Louis, MO, USA here.

Weyburn Saskatchewan…near Regina.


Augusta, GA USA

Flint, MI USA

So’s Persephone.

Boston, MA USA for school and near Albany, NY USA for home.

NYC checking in.

P.S. Your gonna need a bigger map.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Biggirl. I know. Dammit!

Serendipity: Which one do you want on the map?

Santa Cruz, CA

Just South of Providence, RI.

LA County, CA.