Terribly long range DisneyWorld anticipation

This is really and truly mundane and pointless, but I’m kind of jazzed that I’ve started to get my ducks in a row for our big Disney trip next year. We’re celebrating my mother in law’s retirement, so we’re doing a big honking kickass party at WDW.

And I’m really happy because I’ve just nailed down the travel arrangements. Flying was appealing, after our last Orlando roadtrip turned into a 13 hour deathmarch with an exhausted but wide awake 3 yo in the back seat. But damn, it’s at least $200 per person, times 4.5 people = yikes! And then no car while we’re down there.

So between us Mr. Cinnamon and I developed a cunning plan. Rent a minivan - it’s less than $500, and if it breaks down in Georgia, we just call Hertz to get a replacement. Drive to Hilton Head, where Disney has a resort we can use our vacation club points at, and we can get a suite where I don’t have to murder my MIL in her sleep because of her snoring. This splits the trip pretty much exactly in half, which will allow me to keep my sanity.

Then in Orlando we stay at a vacation club resort with a full kitchen and tons of recreation options, and only go to the parks every other day while we’re there, so no one gets exhausted or burnt out. Highly relevant when we’ll have a five year old and a seven month old or so.

It is soooo relaxing to stay at Old Key West, our favorite DVC resort. We can eat in the room, which is healthier, cheaper, and less stressful. We have a full living room, and two separate bedrooms, and also a laundry room, so we can pack lighter.

We’ll have 1 to 4 extra caregivers over the course of the stay, so hubby and I get some vacation from parental duties.

Oh, and we already bought our tickets - got super long passes with no expiration date for our last trip, and they have ample time left on them.

So basically, I’m looking forward to a leisurely, fun trip, with lots of great people at a great destination, for very little out of pocket.

Now if only Fall 2008 would hurry up and get here!

January 09 for our family :slight_smile:
All 11 of us. Suffice it to say we’re renting a condo/townhome kinda place.

It should be interesting. I’ve never been to Florida and can barely remember going to Disney in California (I can never remember which is -land and which is -world). While I’m used to spending long stretches of time with the whole family at the cabin, being in a completely unfamiliar place with them all kind of scares me.

My Dad is being coy while asking questions about vacation and when my son goes to school.

Seeing as we’ve discussed the possibility of going when my son is a little older, perhaps before he starts kindergarten (which is next year) and he’ll enjoy it more as well as give me time to get things together (passports, money to pay for it :p) I’ve a funny feeling he’s thinking next year.

He’s just not telling me anything. In his words “It’s for me to know and you to find out.” (He knows it drives me nuts when he plans trips and won’t tell me where… of course in the past it’s been stuff like a weekend or day trip somewhere in province so this one he’ll have to let me know in time to get stuff together especially since I don’t want him to pay for everything).

That’s awesome you’ve got everything arranged though. :slight_smile: Now you can just build excitement to go!

We’re going this Saturday. It’s my 5th visit, our son’s 3rd. None of us has done it in the summer, but the end of August is considered “slow” there, so that’s good. It’s our first time not staying on the monorail,which makes me wistful because we always stay at a monorail hotel. We’re staying at the Carribean Beach near Epcot. It does seem very nice though. I can’t wait.

We own Boardwalk and go in October this year.

Next time my wife and I are going to WDW is November 10th and 11th. She wants to go for the Super Soap Weekend at MGM, and the 11th is my B-Day. Last time we went was for a week in May. Last year we bought annual passes and ended up spending over one whole month at WDW over the calender year (Dec 28th '05 to Dec 28th 06).

I go to Disney WAY too much… Guess its one of the advantages in living only a state away.

I’m honeymooning this November, and my Future MIL got us our room with her DVC points at the Animal Kingdom Lodge!

The fiance and I are both in agreement that we’re almost more excited to go to Disney for the first vacation we’ve had in two years than we are to have the wedding. Let’s just sign the papers and get on with the fun.

I’m heading back again next month. I’m disappointed that Spaceship Earth will be closed for refurb, though :frowning: But I’m interested in seeing what they add to it when it re-opens in November. Word is that they’re casting voices for a scene involving The Civil War.

Just got back on Sunday from a little less than a week. Good fun and the kids had a blast.

I like staying on Disney property (this was our fourth trip since the kids were born) because of that way all things are taken care of: meals, room, transportation, etc. It’s like living a world where the only decision is ‘which park today?’

Heh. There’s a reason it’s slow that time of year.

Here’s a nice promotional piece from The Onion: Disney Family Vacation Ruined by Walt Disney Company. Enjoy.

Is it closed now? I love Spaceship Earth!

Last week was considered busy. I assume it’s because lots of areas are back to school already.

We’ve been to Vegas in July also.

Yeah, it’s closed until November last I read. Siemens bought it out and are refurbishing it. While I’m disappointed that it will be closed when I’m there, I realize that it was long in need of cleaning and fixing up so I guess I’m okay with that. I just hope they don’t change it TOO much because it’s in my top couple of rides! If they changed that and then took out Tomorrowland Transit Authority, I don’t know what I’d do! :smiley:

Wow I had no idea so many Dopers were also fellow DVC members! We own SSR, and love it!

They removed the Mickey hand and wand from Spaceship Earth :frowning: Stupid Siemens. I bought a piece of the “Epcot” on eBay for my wife. We’re kinda obsessed with Disney World.

Congrats on the vacation plans! I don’t know how you’re going to wait a year, but it will be worth it!


Yay Siemen’s! That thing was ugly. Very cool to hear that Spaceship Earth is being renovated. I liked the old version, but it really was getting out of date with the ‘future’ stuff. Can’t wait to see what is in the renovation!

I always go with my mom; she’s made me promise that if I get married, I’ll still go with her! We love it. We went earlier this year, in the spring, and might go again around Christmas. Going at Christmas is an entirely different experience - I love the Candlelight Processional. Plus, getting to see all the wonderfully decorated trees!


What’s this I hear about them changing Extra-terror-restrial alien encounter to some sort of Stitch expierence?


Are you serious? The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter re-opened as Stitch’s Great Escape on Nov. 16, 2004. It’s cute. Basically, they re-themed the ride to Stitch. The actual Stitch animatronic is pretty life-like. It’s worth going on once…the wait time is generally around 10 minutes. If you like the old ride, however, you’ll probably be disappointed, as it’s more silly than scary.

ETA: Susan, my wife and I are going to see the Candlelight Processional for the first time this December. We’re psyched! Of all the times we’ve been to WDW we’ve never made it down during the Christmas season. Now that we have DVC it’s a lot easier :slight_smile:


You misspelled “People Mover” :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been awhile since I’ve been there OK?