Terrifica, Superheroine


I could easily see her patrolling The City alongside The Tick.

Umm… Yeah. Okay. Like meeting women in bars isn’t hard enough…

I read that yesterday and thought about starting a Pit thread on the woman. She’s sad and quite pathetic. She was burned in the past and it affected her outlook on love and men. I imagine more women than she wants to admit don’t appreciate what she does, though I’m sure she has saved a few women from harm.


just showed me how sad she really was.

I have no problem with this. The costume is a bit much, but it’s good there someone out there willing to look out for others’ well-being.

Still, it does sound like she needs to sit back and have a drink …

I think she’s a nut case. If she needs to help people, let her become a crossing guard. Besides, she’s not REALLY helping…she’s just harshing everyone else’s buzz. I think she’s in serious need of therapy (and a decent boyfriend).

oh c’mon, capes are cool.

anyway, if i’m drunk enough that a girl in a red cape and boots can talk me out of going home with the gentleman that i’m gettin’ friendly with, i likely have no business going home with him anyway.

I saw this yesterday, too, and I was horrified to learn that this crazy woman hangs out in my neighborhood. Luckily, I’ve never had the, er, pleasure of meeting her.

On the surface, I thought she was hilarious. But yes, I think she is a bit sad. And I’m surprised that more women’s groups are not more outspoken about her.

Hasn’t the goal been to eliminate this kind of mindless crap? Men have been saying stuff like it for most of history and used it as an excuse to keep them from voting, working and any other thing they wanted. Now, when women have more equality than ever before, this sad nut comes forward.

Aww, c’mon. This is hilarious:

**Bwahaha! The article turns into an Onion piece about halfway down. The intersection of dialogue between “Terrifica” and “Fantastico” would seem to indicate this is a joke. Good one though.

I’m just a little curious as to what she does once she “rescues” these women. I mean, obviously, they’re too drunk to drive home. Now that they’ve been rescued by the “evil men,” does she take them back to the T-Cave for coffee and cookies? This sounds like an even more pathetic way of meeting women than getting them drunk, if you ask me (I kid, I kid…kinda).

I do like how cocky she is about herself though.

It’s nice to see her getting out and about and doing something she feels makes a difference and does some good, but I think it would be a lot better for her to get some counciling. Two things that really made me feel sorry for her:

Now, I live on my own, and I have to admit, it’s great! I love the fact that 90% of the time I spend alone in my apartment is lounging around naked and I don’t have to worry about anyone coming in and bothering me…but there’s a big difference in living by myself and being alone. Being alone sucks, and I don’t know anyone that is their happiest alone. (maybe I’m looking too much into the definition of “alone”, but I see it as having no one in your life you can connect with, and if this woman thinks people are happiest when they live like that, it’s really sad).

And second:


Makes you wonder where that first statement comes from, huh?

I was convinced this is a joke. But then I found This site, which also refers to Terrifica.

Still, though. It’s gotta be a joke. I’m just not sure how.