Terwilliger Banned For Trolling

New member Terwilliger joined just 4 days ago. I got curious when I saw he was banned and skimmed through his posts since joining. I saw some heated discussions but nothing outrageous and no warnings from mods in threads.

I’m fairly new here but it didn’t seem like anything happened to justify a permanent ban. Were there some other threads or posts by Terwilliger which have now been removed?

There where threads that they started with questionable intentions that have been cornfielded.

Yes. Three of the four threads he started have been moved out of sight. In the two days he was here, he started threads about “Soldiers are suckers” and the professor who used a Chinese word that sounds like the n-word. These might have been legitimate discussions, but his posts were inane and he baited other posters in them. The last straw was when he opened his own personal trolling thread in the Pit. He posted over 100 times in 2 days. There was other evidence he was a troll I will not discuss, but it was obvious he was here just to stir shit up.

Okay, understood. Thanks for the clarification.

We often remove posts and threads by trolls and socks, but sometimes there are just too many to remove all of them.

Oh, dear. . . Could this possibly have been the prophesied Return of Alice Terwilliger? And already gone!