Tesco Commercial With McEnroe and Borg

It’s pretty amusing, I thought.

It’s on all the time here at the mo.

It is funny but as Mr McMillan says everytime it comes on, ‘yeah, like that’d be a contest!’. :stuck_out_tongue:

Since I don’t follow tennis that much, I only recognized McEnroe’s name; I thought this was going to be some crazy tennis/Star Trek crossover.

Now that I’d watch.

I like this current one for Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. It’s got a gorilla, and is otherwise pleasingly random.

McEnroe VS the Swedish Chef? Awesome!
Cool advert.

God, that’s fantastic. Not just pleasingly random but actually manages to move me a bit emotioanlly. Very powerful. Pity it’s for bloody Cadbury’s, eh?

Hasn’t crossed the border possibly, coz I admit I watch rather a lot of telly and I’ve never seen it. I wonder what other little advertising treasures are reserved for Scottish eyes only? :confused:

McEnroe VS the Swedish Chef? Awesome!
Cool advert.

I’ve never seen it on telly either, to be fair.

This one wasn’t shown much even up here because Raymond Briggs wasn’t happy about the infringement of his copyright. It’s the best ad ever though - the Irn-Bru Snowman.

Yeah, good one. Pity about Raymond Briggs, no sense of humour some people.

An excellent advert. :slight_smile: